Adventure Camps for teens 14 – 17 in Tarifa, Spain

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Summer adventure Camps for Teenagers in Spain | Lenguaventura

Dynamic activity program

Our adventure  camps are an action packed introduction to survival skills, nature and protecting the environment, designed specifically for teenagers. It’s your chance to become a natural born survivor like Bear Grylls and learn how to live sustainably like Greta Thunberg!

The protection of our planet has never been higher on the agenda than it is right now and teenagers are at the forefront of the global sustainability movement. We believe that to protect nature, you have to learn to live in it, in order to really appreciate the amazing way our planet evolves. Our Adventure Camps in Tarifa teaches you to experience nature and learn to live positively within it for the preservation of our planet for generations to come.

Spend time in nature

Our exciting nature-based activities will be mainly take place on a lush private estate where our teens will immerse themselves in our environment’s amazing and important eco-systems. Alongside this, we will visit Tarifa’s beautiful beaches and epic hills that surround us.


All your hard work during the adventure summer camp deserves a reward and there’s no better way to mark your achievements with our Eco-Citizen award. We’ll teach you how to become aware of the wonders of nature and how to become more conscious of the world that we live in by building up a set of vital life skills.

Example activities on the Adventure Camps will be:

  • Building a raft to escape the desert island we are stranded on. This is a classical survival adventure with lots of laughter. Will you float, how will you steer? Will your team win the raft challenge?
  • Test your tracking skills and learn to find and follow tracks, create trails and discover the amazing wildlife of this area.
  • Swim in the flowing waterfalls and tropical canyons – a perfect adventure for a hot day. We’ll drive off road to enter into the hills and be guided to a place where water tumbles over boulders into crystal clear pools beneath the forest canopy. Here you can swim or just relax on the rocks looking at the beauty of nature.
  • Experience living like our ancient ancestors and learning skills of the past. Create natural pigments to dye t-shirts; craft spears from what is found on the land; make pottery and weaving plant fibres into bracelets and rope. You’ll discover the techniques our ancestors used to thrive in nature and be ready for anything!
  • Test your skills with our orienteering activity where you will learn how to read a map, find hidden clues and break the code. Move through the olive forest and cross the river to a fun and exciting adventure to discover the hidden treasure.
  • Snorkel over the rich reefs of a still undiscovered spot just 14km from the African coastline.

Maybe you are looking for a Kitesurf Camp

For teenagers from 14 to 17 years

  • Practice Kitesurf
  • Learn Spanish or English
  • Accommodation