Junior summer camp Tarifa – your best choice

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Junior summer camp – Kitesurf/Windsurf/Wingsurf

What a young person can get out of a summer camp experience is much more than parents sometimes expect. It is not only a simple summer holiday but much more… it is life experience, independence, making lifelong new friends from all over the world and valuable life skills to name a few.

Here at Lenguaventura, we can proudly say that we are pioneers of experiential holidays in Tarifa. In 1989, we created Spanish language programmes combined with activities for adult international students. In 2003, we founded the Lenguaventura junior summer camp, which leads us to pass on the baton and sell the language school. The school still exists in Tarifa today, and we’re delighted to call its team our partner, who work with us to offer the Spanish language courses to our teenage campers each summer – Escuela Hispalense is a certified Instituto Cervantes School.

We’ve rounded up a few key points about why it is extraordinarily important for teenagers to experience Lenguaventura’s junior summer camp at least once.

The Camp in general

  • Exclusive, yet approachable, friendly, long-standing and well run.
  • Staff with over 15 years of experience, relatable, concerned with the wellbeing and emotional growth of students.
  • Amazing international environment with students from many different countries.
  • Promotes and practices community involvement.
  • Helps develop leadership skills and confidence.
  • Every participant plays an active role, encouraged by group leaders who take their time to guide, motivate and support the teens, which leads to increased self-confidence and development of identity.
  • Encourages team spirit. 
  • Staff is always on hand to support teenage campers, fix things if they go wrong to ensure the students always feel protected and properly looked after.

Language learning

  • Open to both Spanish and English learners.
  • Language lessons are tailored to each group and focuses on students building confidence to speak a language fluently.

Destination Tarifa

  • Teenagers get the chance to live in an idyllic, small and safe town where everything is within walking distance.
  • The chance to embrace an easy-going lifestyle with a slower pace of life, in a calm and caring atmosphere.

Our summer camp options:

Kitesurf, Windsurf and Wingsurf Camp

  • The first specialised Kite-, Windsurf- and Wingsurfcamp for teenagers in Spain, held in the home of kite- and windsurf Tarifa, Spain.
  • All three water sport activities are imparted by fully qualified professionals who have been teaching for over 20 years, speak various languages and are exceedingly security conscious.

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