Why choose the junior summer Camp Lenguaventura?

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Why is our junior summer camp your best choice?

We have based the following considerations on a compilation of viewpoints which our teenagers and their parents appreciated about their camp experience in our junior summer camp.

  • Swiss-managed
  • Close-knit humanistic values
  • Limited space available in our Lenguaventura summer camp
  • Night watch

Tarifa is a safe and secure place to stay.

Our summer school accommodation is located in the centre of Tarifa, only a few minutes walking distance to the beach and the old town. Our accommodation features the necessary infrastructure to ensure a relaxing camp life.

The fact that life takes place in the open air transmits a feeling of great freedom. Some participants come away from their city or other town life to embrace open sea spaces, not available to them during their academic year.

The easy-going lifestyle affords them a brush with a new-found freedom in a caring atmosphere where the teenagers are properly looked after. Their experience of this freedom fills them with a gratifying sense of themselves…. and the pace of slower life for two, three or four weeks with peace. Conversing and laughing, healthy banter a release from a stressful school year.

We care for the young people coming to us, in a personal way. As young adults, they appreciate this. They are always delighted when we carry out whatever promises we make to them. They understand that their youthful expectations can be fulfilled. They treasure our down-to-earth manner.

Lenguaventura encourages teenagers to take up on a challenge, to leave their comfort-zone and to see how they can build up their self- confidence, which can be achieved, by attempting a new sport they may never practice during the school year. This universal language of sport encourages their team spirit, too.

In our language sessions we focus on communication and listening skills on several levels. We love the young people to elaborate on ideas rather than only working on a grammar content. Our staff members hold certificates in education and pedagogy and are passionate in their approach to teaching, as are our counselors too, in all of their further dealings with the teenagers.

At the end of the course parents receive personalized reports from both Lenguaventura counselors and teachers.