Frequent asked questions Tarifa summer camps

This page will answer the most frequently asked questions by parents about queries concerning the summer camp. It may well help you to decide whether our bilingual summer camp in Tarifa, Spain is the right choice for your son or daughter.

Are teachers native speaking?

Yes, all teachers for the Spanish and English classes are native speaking and experienced in working with teenagers.

Are there enough possibilities to practice Spanish or English?

Yes of course. If a student wants to practice languages in Lenguaventura it is always possible.

Can our child do their laundry during their stay in the summer camp?

Yes of course, twice a week. During the summer camp we remind our students the days when we collect the laundry.

It will be taken care of by our cleaning staff and returned usually that same evening or at latest the next day. For a better recognition of the clothes we recommend parents to mark them with the initials of the child.

Do you admit children of 13 years?

Yes we do, especially if they come with an older brother or sister or if parents are sure that their kid/ kids can cope with being away from home. These young teenagers have to be aware that they will be amongst the youngest which is not a problem for the summer camp and hopefully neither for themselves.

Do you have a “what to bring list”?

Yes, please click here to see the entire summer camp list.

We recommend that participants bring practical, comfortable, everyday clothes to the camp and leave expensive clothes at home.

Do you pick up the pupils at the airport?

At the airport in Málaga. It is the busiest airport in Southern Spain. For students coming from the British Isles, Gibraltar is a possible option. We also fetch the teenagers at the airport in Jerez de la Frontera or Seville but for an additional cost.

How are the sleeping arrangements?

Our Camp accommodation offers rooms to share, maximum 3 people per room  – girls and boys are lodged in different floors. 

 We do not separate friends or siblings of the same gender as long as parents agree that they can sleep in the same room.

What we always try to do is to put together students of the same age and different nationalities but who participate in the same target language in class.

How can we get in touch with Lenguaventura if we have more questions?

Our phone is operative on a daily basis. The convenient timetable to call us is: Monday through Sunday from 9 am to 9 pm. The whatsapp number for Lenguaventura is +34 607 275 090 and the landline +34  956 689 084.

You can also contact us through email.

How does Lenguaventura choose which places to visit during the summer camp?

Andalusia has a rich cultural and historical heritage. With our fieldtrips, we want our students to get to know some interesting places close to Tarifa.

Some spare time activities are undertaken with the sole purpose that the teenagers can enjoy and relax. These can be either sport or leisure activities.

From one year to the next we evaluate our planning and replace some activities for others and keep only the summer activities in our program which were of most interest to the students.

How is the supervision organized?

The Camp staff takes care of the kids around the clock. During the night we have a night counselor.

How many nationalities are represented in the summer camp?

The nationalities vary between 12 and 16 per year. Hence our summer camp is very international.

How many pupils sleep in one room?

The summer camp accommodation offers shared bedrooms, maximum 3 people per room. Girls and boys are accommodated on different floors.

Ideal length of stay for my child at summer camp

1 week: The one-week camp term is designed to introduce young people to the exhilarating world of overnight camps
2 weeks: Provides an ideal balance between a convenient summer schedule, outdoor fun, and positive youth development
3 weeks: Deepens camaraderie, fosters friendships, explores new skills, immerses deeper in camp community
4 weeks: Allows campers to engage in all available activities, creating an enriching experience, bond with community

Feel free to contact our team for personalized advice or questions regarding your child’s stay. We’re here to help create the perfect summer camp experience.


Is it feasible to switch to a different beach if the wind conditions appear to be more favorable there?

We prioritize safety and logistical considerations in our operations, and unfortunately, we cannot accommodate beach swaps for our water sport programs. Making spontaneous changes to beach locations introduces potential risks and challenges that compromise the overall safety of our participants.

Additionally, appearances can be deceiving when it comes to wind conditions. While it may seem like the wind is more favorable on another beach, the reality is that wind patterns can be unpredictable, and the conditions may not be as reliable or sustained as they appear. Ensuring a consistent and safe learning environment is our top priority, and sticking to our planned locations allows us to better manage and monitor these conditions for the well-being of our participants.

Is it necessary to bring sheets, towels or a sleeping bag?

We provide students with sheets. A sleeping bag is not necessary to bring. However, students do need to bring their own towels for the shower and the beach.

Is my child the eldest or youngest?

As we enroll teens from 14 to 17 years of age, we always have teenagers in this age range. We have very often seen that it is not necessary for all of the same age to stick together. Sometimes the younger ones are born leaders and sometimes the eldest are not so mature as those who are one or two years younger. In our experience age is not always an issue.

Is the airfare included in the camp fee?

No, it is not. Parents book the flight for their kid directly.

Best airports to arrive at or for departure are Málaga or Gibraltar (coming from the United Kingdom). Smaller airports are Jerez de la Frontera or Seville where we also pick up them and drop off for an additional fee.

What about the class levels?

The language courses are based on CEFR (Common European Framework for language reference). Level grades from A1 to C1 in both Spanish and English. Students can verify their level with our summer camp on-line level test preferably until June 15th. On the first day an oral assessment takes place, after which teachers form the group. Changes within the groups can be suggested by teachers as well as by students.

What are the electrical plugs in Spain like? And the voltage

We have two prong round plugs, voltage 220. Should you come from a country with 110 voltage a converter would be needed. In case that a child forgets to bring it she/he can always ask us to borrow one.

What happens if wind conditions do not allow to practise water sports?

We are a pure water sport camp.That is why we are very flexible and spare no effort to change our program when the wind conditions require it.

If the wind is unsuitable on a scheduled water sport day, we recover as many hours as possible on more suitable days. Alternatively, we offer activities such as surf, SUP, wakeboard or go for an Adventure activity.

What happens when my child has a problem in fitting in?

What some children need is time, a few days to get acquainted to the new environment. In this case it is only a question of two or three days until they are completely at ease.

In other cases the group leaders keep an eye on the kids and help them to integrate. That is why we have in our team pedagogues who are good observers and will find a way to integrate everybody. More often than not, children themselves help others to fit in, in a very natural way and without needing our adult help.

What if my child wants to change their chosen program?

It depends on availability. If it is possible, the change would always take place the following week. The student should give us a few days notice so that we can try to arrange it.

What is the approximate number of students in each class?

We admit a maximum of 12 students in any one group. The average number is 7 per group.

What is the difference between a group kitesurf course and a semi-private course?

………and which course is the best fit for my child?

It is the intensity above all that makes the difference. For those students who have never practiced kitesurfing and who want to have a first experience to find out whether they really like this sport a group course with four students, sharing the kitesurf gear available in pairs is recommended. This course is less intensive but at all times very professional and every student learns a lot as a team member.

It can also be an option for these students with more advanced levels but who prefer to consolidate their knowledge without rush and enjoy sharing the course with peers of the same level.

If a student is already an advanced kitesurfer and the goal is to reach the next level or to progress in the most efficient way and at a fast pace, a semi-private course (two students with their own kitesurf gear each) in this case is highly recommended. The kitesurf school recommends semi-private classes from level 3 onwards.

What is the procedure to book the Lenguaventura youth summer camp?

On our website we have a summer camp booking form which you can fill in and send back directly.

What is the situation when my child comes alone to the Camp?

Your child will not be the only one coming alone and we know there is nothing to fear, as kids coming alone are very open to new friendships and generally fit in with one another very quickly.

What is the weather like in summer in Tarifa ? Does it rain often?

In summer we are used to having a lot of sunshine and a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees. Thanks to the winds we have here it usually doesn’t get too hot in July.

Rain is rather rare at this time of the year but should it happen, only a few drops will fall and not for hours or days.

What is your payment policy?

The downpayment of € 650,– will be due after Lenguaventura has received the enrollment form and has sent the invoice to the parents. Balance payment 4 weeks before the Camp starts.

Our account details are as follows:

Cajamar, C/Batalla del Salado No. 2C, 11380 Tarifa
Account holder: S. C Deportivos del Sur S.L.
Bank code / account no: 3058 0765 69 2720014653
IBAN: ES93 3058 0765 6927 2001 4653

Bank charges shall be borne by the customer.

What kind of insurance does your program include?

Indemnity and accident insurance is included. Read here about our summer camp coverage for the liability- and  travel insurance.

You can find more information about insurance on our summer camp page facts/tips.

Why did you decide to organize your Lenguaventura summer camp in Tarifa, Spain?

Tarifa provides all the necessary amenities to host a summer camp. With its safe environment and centrally located accommodations, everything is conveniently within walking distance. This eliminates the need for public transportation, which we see as a significant advantage.

Established in 2003, we are the sole youth summer camp in Tarifa. Our Summer Camp offers students the choice between Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, or Wingfoiling. This allows friends or siblings to attend together and select their preferred program individually. Later, they come together for shared activities, fostering a sense of camaraderie among all participants.

Will there be more students of the same nationality as my child?

In most nationalities yes but not in all. One student pointed it out very well. He said that in Lenguaventura all teens, sharing the same language, stick together wherever they come from so that a natural language exchange takes place. For us it is one of the most difficult questions to answer as we have quite a lot of kids who are already bilingual because they have roots in other countries or live abroad. For them communicating either in Spanish or English, although they have other nationalities, is not a problem at all.

On the other hand, however, some parents are a little concerned that there may be no other kids of the same nationality as theirs. From our experience we can only say that neither students nor parents should worry about this too much at all. In a Camp like Lenguaventura every student finds a place and maybe even a new friend who shares the same mother-tongue although not the same passport. The student coming to Lenguaventura is often wonderfully full of many surprises and used to being surrounded by an international environment. This is what we enjoy year after year.