Kitesurf Camps for teens 14 – 17 in Tarifa, Spain

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Kitesurf Tarifa – Kitesurf Camp Tarifa for teens | Lenguaventura

If you enjoy the saltwater and waves then you are most probably drawn to any kind of outdoor water sport. You may already be a kitesurfer or even have the motivation to learn this popular sport during your next summer holiday. Anyone between the age 


of 14 and 17 and of any level is more than welcome to join our Kitesurf Camps in Tarifa. Choose the intensity of your Kitesurf camp experience. Find out more about our complete Kitesurf offer and planning. Wind and amazing

beaches will make your stay in Tarifa unforgettable! The town of Tarifa, situated at the southern most tip of Europe and Spain is recognised as one of the most popular kitesurfing destinations in the world.

Kitesurfing has become the sport of today’s youth, girls and boys, and will be part of the 2024 Olympics for the first time. Invented in the late 90’s, it has exploded and is practised across the globe. Although, considered a radical sport, the modern security systems, kites and bars have been designed to ensure that the kites can be unpowered very easily and quickly. This has changed its evolution and made kitesurfing an accessible and safe sport for everyone together with the elementary supervision and guidance of a professional teacher. Even children as young as eight years old are able to start kitesurfing with the coaching of a certified instructor.

We run our Kitesurf Camps for teens in Tarifa in cooperation with the kitesurf school Bull Sails. After many years of successful working together we consider them our friends who have proven in many occasion that they care as much for our teenagers as we do. The teens are guaranteed to use the safest and most adequate equipment, given their technical skills, body weight and the wind-force, allowing a safe and quick learning experience. The size of a kite varies between three and 14 square metres.

Bull Sails are an IKO (International Kiteschool Organisation) affiliated centre. This affiliation means that the school follows the highest international quality standards to organise efficient and safe kitesurfing courses. They have an international team of experienced and certified instructors, using the latest teaching methods, making it possible for any student to safely become an independent kitesurfer.

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