Windsurf Camps for teens 14 – 17 in Tarifa

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Windsurf Tarifa – Windsurf Camp Tarifa for Teens | Lenguaventura

Do you like challenges and watersports?

Then windsurf is your sport. For over 50 years, since the sport of windsurf was born, Tarifa has always been one of the best destinations in Europe, due to its constant wind and mild to warm weather and water temperatures. Tarifa receives thousands of visitors each year in search of the wind and the whole infrastructure of the town is designed for surfers. 

Windsurfing is a life learning experience that increases self confidence, physical strength and concentration. The basics include balancing your own weight on a large surfboard before lifting up a lightweight sail and positioning your body and the sail in a way that creates a forward movement.  It has the combination of being so much fun and at the same time testing our patience! Both, of which are the most important needs of a teenager!

Become part of the Windsurf community this summer. Explore our Windsurf program and schedule. All you need is motivation to learn.

Improved technology

The improved design of the equipment over the years allows beginners to experts alike to be propelled forward by the sail whilst skimming across the water on a floaty board. The equipment used to learn is modern, with a wide platform to help with body balance and short to exhilarate easily through the water. The sail is lightweight and usually small to learn techniques of sail positioning and manoeuvrability.

Our Windsurf School

Lenguaventura partners with the leading windsurfing school, Spin Out, here in Tarifa, who supply our students with their windsurfing gear (suited to all weather conditions) and professional instruction during their lessons.

With a lot of practise windsurfing can be mastered easily and with the guidance and supervision of professional Windsurfing Instructors students can become addicted to this unique feeling and connection to the wind and the water!

Windsurf Spot

The location of our Windsurfing Camp allows for students to learn on inland flat water and the safe ocean bay. Both of which are perfect environments to learn the basics and improve skills! The aim of the windsurf courses is to learn technique which, within a short time, leads to fast progress and the transition to shorter boards and larger sails, thus increasing speed, movement and enjoyment!

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For teenagers from 14 to 17 years

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