Windsurf Camps for teens in Tarifa

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Windsurf Tarifa – Windsurf Camp Tarifa for Teens | Lenguaventura)

Before the Kitesurf boom started, Tarifa was home to windsurfers. For years windsurfing was an absolute must in Tarifa. With kitesurfing on the rise the apogee of windsurfing was fading fast. In the last few years we have, however, noticed that windsurf is making a comeback and young people, especially, are showing an increasing interest in learning this sport. This is why Lenguaventura started to offer a few years ago a Windsurf Camp.

Whether a teenager wants to learn windsurf or kitesurf is a personal choice and depends on individual taste. Both are challenging water sports, but guarantee great fun once the student has overcome the initial difficulties.

Originally windsurfing has its origin in the surfing sport. To avoid paddling, the idea of using a sail, which gives the wind uplift came up, so that the board could move faster. Learning this sport requires some patience and lots of practise. As with all watersports, it is also important for windsurfing to start from scratch with responsible instructors.

Beginners learn with a long board and a small triangular sail. These long boards ensure stability and give the guarantee that the young learners gain confidence. Once a student understands the technique of windsufing, he/she will be overjoyed, as this sport really needs little physical exertion and there are many options to refine with tricks and jumps.

With Spin Out, the leading Windsurf school in Tarifa, we have the partner we need to entrust our students.The lessons take place on four afternoons a week (eight hours per week) at the windsurfing beach Valdevaqueros. In the course the required material is included, thus always ensuring that the students get the right windsurf gear for all possible wind conditions.

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For teenagers from 14 to 17 years

  • Wide range of activities
  • Learn Spanish or English
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