Wingsurf Camp schedule Tarifa, Spain

Fill your summer holiday with a wingsurfing water sport challenge, and try a completely new experience.

We are pleased to integrate wingsurfing into our summer camp program for teenagers between 14 and 17 years. This exhilarating new sport can be practiced by everyone as it doesn’t need specific physical preparation, only the right attitude, to enjoy learning this water sport gradually and progressively.  

Our wingsurfing partner school, KTS, is a specialist in this water sport, so we’re proud to offer the most competent and safe wingsurfing instruction in Tarifa. Taking place on either Los Lances Beach or Punta Paloma.

For the moment we will offer the following Wingsurf summer Camp option:

Wingsurf Camp Tarifa Group lessons

Four afternoons each week (total 12 hours per week). This course is offered only to beginners in this sport and in a group of 4 people with two wings and two boards to share between two. There is enough time to learn all the basics to enjoy wingsurfing in one week. The hydrofoil element may be introduced at the end of the second week if the abilities of the students and the wind conditions allow to take this step.

If you would like to join with a friend and both of you have the same knowledge of wingsurfing  (beginner or intermediate level), we could offer a semi-private course for 12 hours (2 students, two wings and boards, one instructor). Please contact us if this option interests you.

Check out our wingsurf camp schedule of a typical day:

Days of the week Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday Wednesday and Saturday Sunday
Morning Language classes Full day excursion Sports
Midday Lunch Lunch
Afternoon Wingsurf Workshops/Beach
Free time Free time
Evening Dinner
Evening activities and soirées

Extra Details about the Wingsurf Camp:

  • The Wingsurf  courses will always take place on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (12 hours per week).
  • If weather conditions are unsuitable on a scheduled wingsurfing day we always recover as many hours as possible on more suitable days. As for the wingsurf we will benefit from Los Lances beach and Punta Paloma according to wind directions, we also have more options that the wingsurf courses can be run according to our schedule. Alternatively, we offer activities such as surf, SUP, wakeboard, or go on an Adventure activity.
  • On Wednesdays and Saturdays the teens from the wingsurf participate in the same summer cultural or sport activities as the teens from the Kitesurf Camp and the Windsurf Camp. There is no wingsurfing on these days or on Sundays.
  • A detailed schedule will be sent upon request, and to all students enrolled in the Wingsurf summer Camp (sent alongside the confirmation).

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