Junior summer camps – cool and clean

The idea of ​​“Cool & Clean” comes from a Swiss prevention program in the field of sports. The commitments they underline seem to be very suitable for junior summer camps too. At a camp, it is all about team spirit and living together harmonious in the camp community.

The goal of our Lenguaventura junior summer camps in Tarifa, Spain is that the young students coming to the summer camp spend a fun and carefree holiday together.

Every single participant in the Lenguaventura summer camp can help to achieve this goal. In our junior summer camps individual students from different countries come together. Through common interests, such as kitesurfingwindsurfing or languages they will build in a surprisingly short time a  team. The common goal is to have fun, make new friends and practice their favorite sport or language together.

A sport team can only be successful if it develops a team identity. This also applies to a summer camp, although the duration of the stay is limited. So in a camp community short-term goals are defined.

The goals set for our campers in Lenguaventura are as follows:

  • We all behave fairly and do not mob other students
  • We help each other and our encounters with all campers are respectful
  • We do not consume alcohol or drugs inside and outside the camp. Strong is not who drinks or get stoned. Strong is who resists the consumption of alcohol and drugs.
  • We get involved as much as possible in all activities and make our personal contribution
  • We can rely on each other
  • The welfare of my peers is a matter of heart

The task of the camp leaders is to monitor the campers behavior and give a helping hand if necessary that the goals can be achieved.

A camp leader has an exemplary function. Campers need sincere and reliable leaders who listen to them, take them seriously and encourage them when needed. Sense of justice, patience and mindfulness are other qualities that camp leaders must have to guarantee a harmonious camplife. This will enable to reach the set goals.

By choosing our camp staff carefully Lenguaventura is committed to keep the junior summer camps cool & clean.