School Camps in Andalusia, Madrid or Malta

School-Camps-in-Andalusia-Madrid-or-Malta, nature activity in Tarifa Spain

School Camps for school groups

The target of Lenguaventura has always been to enhance quality and this we have successfully achieved. Working in a highly selective and demanding market in which confidence is essential we have proudly carved out our own place in the linguistic market for young children and teenagers.

Besides our summer camp programs in Tarifa, for several years now, we have been offering school camps for Spanish bilingual schools, with which we do an English immersion with native speakers and excursion to Gibraltar among other leisure activities.

Similar offers can also be arranged for school groups with focus on the Spanish language and culture.

Our aim to make the language training efficient led us to work out fun and enjoyable short stays for English or Spanish language programs, outside the classroom, which combines practicing languages and activities.

These offers are directed to school groups. All programs are offered all year around except during summer holidays (June-August) and the duration can be chosen individually.

Young learners joining one of our programs will experience a personal and social development within a very short time. Living in a community away from home with their peers will broaden their horizons considerably and gives them the possibility to discover together the importance of an immersion in a foreign language and/or foreign country.

You are an agency or college/highschool from Spain or from abroad which organises school camps for students, please  ask us and we will be happy to supply suggestions for big and small groups.

Programs for school groups are organised in the following destinations: