Learn Spanish in Spain – Tarifa, Andalusia

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Language courses in Tarifa, Spain,  for teens 14 – 17 year-olds – Learn Spanish/English

The Lenguaventura summer camps are focused on bilingualism, in both Spanish and English, so that four mornings during the week are dedicated to language learning (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday).

The schedule is from 10 am to 11.30 with half an hour break starting again at 12 noon until 1.30 pm. Regular outings to town after the break are an integrative part of our school concept.

The language courses are focused on communication skills. Our language concept integrates the awareness that the teenagers have just finished their school year. Teamwork prevails and the summer teachers’ goals are different from those of the school year. However, this approach does not prevent the teens from learning and improving Spanish or English.

Since summer 2019 we have a valuable new exam format for the English courses that students can utilise if they so wish. We can now give our students the opportunity to prepare for B1 or B2 Official Examinations. In these courses we practice essential vocabulary for the exams with native and highly experienced teachers, as well as focus on certain aspects of the exam itself and how best to prepare for it.

Of course we also uphold in English the option for our fully communicative based learning experience.

Students can decide whether they want to go to the Spanish or English group courses which are offered on several levels, from A1 up to C1. If teens prefer to participate one week in each language it is possible.

The teachers in our summer school are all native speakers and with a university degree. Our language programs all correspond to the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR).

Find here the language tests for the summer camp Spanish and English classes. We recommend all teenagers with previous knowledge to send the test a couple of weeks before the  summer camp starts.

For the Spanish courses we work closely with Escuela Hispalense which has been running Spanish classes since 1989.

The English courses are prepared in collaboration with TarifaEsCool managed by Lisa Langley a native English teacher and her team.

Most of our young campers know how important language learning is as most of them have travelled a lot or some have lived in different countries. It is a real joy to see them communicating with one another either in Spanish or English or in both languages. They come for one language and learn and practise the other one, too. It’s a win-win situation.

Communication beyond borders is an integral part of our bilingual summer camp in Tarifa, Spain.