Spanish summer camp in Tarifa – Facts/Tips

Spanish summer camp in Spain –  Information for parents

Everything is included in the Spanish Summer Camp payment. However, we suggest that you give your child some pocket money which can be spent on the little personal somethings they will always enjoy. An ice cream. A chocolate bar. A quirky souvenir. We believe € 10 – 15 per day is sufficient.

Please find here the “what to bring list”.

Please be sure to provide us with your emergency contact details: full name and surname; cell phone and email address.

Please check all necessary travel documents before sending your child on holidays abroad. A valid passport or ID (at least 6 months) is compulsory.

Due to some changes in security we recommend parents to check whether minors need a special authorization to leave national territory alone. Minors with a French passport or living in France need an authorization (CERFA) signed by one parent whereby the parent agrees that the minor can exit national territory alone. Flight companies will always ask for this document on the return flight. We always send this document to parents with the confirmation. Belgiums should also check whether minors with Belgium passport or living in Belgium need a similar document.  BA has the following regulation: “All young flyers aged under 16 and travelling alone must complete a parental/guardian consent form before travel”.

For our excursion to Gibraltar, Spanish minors can enter with a valid passport. However, they may enter with their ID card. But, for this, they will need an authorization from their parents and the local police whereby they agree that the minor can leave national territory. For all other European nationalities which belong to the European communityminors still enter with a valid ID card. Other foreign passport holders who do not need a visa for entering Gibraltar, will only be able to enter with their valid passport.

For Lenguaventura all parents are asked to sign a parental authorization. The signed document will allow the Camp director to act as a temporarily guardian during the participant’s stay in Tarifa. This document is sent to the parents together with the confirmation of the enrolment.

MNA is the acronym for “minor not accompanied”. Should parents contract this service with a flight company please inform us beforehand as we have to designate a person from our staff for this pick up. We will give to parents name and surname, address, cell phone number and ID from the person who will pick up at the airport. The flight company will ask for this information. If we are not informed well in advance whether this service has been contracted, we will have problems at the airport. Airport authorities will not hand over the minor/s to us.

When booking your child’s/children’s flight, please check beforehand whether the airline has any special arrangements for minors flying alone. Ryanair and Easyjet for example accepts only kids from 16 years of age. Younger minors above 13 can travel with both companies with older minors but only if they are 16 at least. Vueling still accepts young travellers to fly alone from 14 years of age. 

In case that your child has any health issue, we would appreciate receiving all necessary records which will help us to react accordingly, should that be necessary and to know what to do in case of any incident. If we do not get informed, we refuse any responsibility should it come to the utmost outcome which is a direct effect of non disclosure of your child’s health records.

As we work with minors we have CERO Tolerance with drugs and alcohol. Should we catch minors drinking or buying alcohol or drugs the immediate effect is to inform parents and send the minor/s home. No refund for the prepaid camp fees will be forthcoming. All additional costs incurred for a change of flight and for the transport to the airport will run to the parents’ expenses.

Concerning insurance we have an indemnity insurance policy as well as an accident insurance policy for our students which covers emergencies. However it does not cover long term stays in Hospital nor transport back home. Please check our summer camp liability and accident insurance coverage.

Public health centers always ask for the European Health Card which can be applied for in the public health center in all EU countries and Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland. For Spanish teenagers the national health card is of course valid.

A travel insurance is compulsory for all students who do not have neither a national nor a European health card and also no private insurance. A travel insurance can be bought together with the flight ticket. Or directly from the internet. We can recommend IATI Travel insurance.

No cancellation insurance is included in our package.

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