Spanish summer camps in Tarifa – Facts/Tips

Spanish summer camps in Tarifa – Facts/Tips 2017-10-10T07:16:03+00:00

Spanish summer camps in Spain –  Information Parents/Pupils

Please provide some pocket money for your child (about EUR. 15 per day). We suggest that pupils joining our Spanish summer camps bring a swimsuit, beach shoes and raingear. Please check here for the entire summer camp list.

Each pupil must supply an emergency contact with phone number or e-mail address.

Please do not forget a valid passport or ID (at least 6 months).

All parents are asked to sign a parental authorization. The signed document will allow the Camp director to act as a guardian during the participant’s stay in Tarifa.

Please also note that any special health condition your child may have and may trouble his/her participation in our Spanish summer camps must be communicated before the camp starts. If we are not made aware beforehand we do refuse any responsibility in case of any incidence which is direct effect of this non-disclosure.

Alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited. If a pupil gets caught using either drugs or alcohol they will be expelled immediately and the parents will be informed. In such cases no refund will be paid for the prepaid programs. The addicional cost for such special transfers to the airport and for the return ticket home is the pupils or parents responsibility.

It’s compulsive to effect a travel insurance including repatriation (not for Spanish citizens). A copy of the contracted insurance has to be sent to Lenguaventura before the Camp starts. More about the coverage of the summer camp liability and accident insurance.

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After office hours we can be reached via fax, e-mail, mobile phone or just leave us a message on the answering machine.