Summer courses – Language level tests

On this page we have uploaded some grammar level tests for the summer courses in Tarifa, Spain.

One is for the language students who have decided to come to Tarifa to learn Spanish. Please click here for the summer course Spanish language level test. Students without any knowledge of Spanish don’t have to fill in the on-line test.

For the English language courses we have uploaded two different level tests. This first English summer course level test is for all students with an A1 or a B1 knowledge of English. As with the students taking the Spanish course, those taking the English course and whose level of English is at beginner level do not have to take the test online.

The second English level test is for advanced English learners.

What are our goals with these language tests?

At Lenguaventura Summer Camp pure grammar teaching is not our goal. We take a different approach. We believe that getting an idea in advance of which level our future language students may have is an advantage for our teachers to prepare the first language morning so that the students don’t lose time at the beginning of their first day with us, in taking a formal test. They can start to take advantage of the summer courses immediately. We feel that assessing them in a more relaxed way is conducive to setting the tone for the following days together.

On the first language morning all students are gathered for an oral assessment. During the school year students are mostly tested on their writing abilities. The benefit of an oral assessment is that teachers get immediate feedback of the conversational skills of each student. And the rhythm, facility and comfort with which they express themselves. This conversational way of doing things allows our teachers to be able to pick up on any major misconceptions and thus correct them in the following language sessions.

The groups for the Spanish and English classes in our summer courses are finally formed after a common conclusion of the Spanish and English teaching teams. The levels we offer are A1 to C1 in both languages. Students who would like to work on preparing an exam, which they may possibly have to take later on in the Autumn, should let us know in advance. In this way we are in a position to facilitate this learning for the student on a very personal level.

Students can switch to another level if their teacher or they themselves consider the level they have been assigned to is too high or too low.

If students wish to change from the Spanish language class to the English language class, or viceversa, we are flexible on this point. This change is always possible for the following week.