Wingsurf Camps for teens 14 – 17 in Tarifa, Spain

Summer Wingsurfing Camps for Teenagers in Spain | Lenguaventura

A new adventure in Lenguaventura – Wingsurf

Wingsurf is the latest water sport we are offering at Lenguaventura Summer Camps. Find out more about this exhilarating water sport to give an extra kick to your summer.  Try wingsurf at Lenguaventura – a new, easy to learn water sport which has gathered a huge community within a short time.

What is Wingsurf about?

The WINGSURF or WINGFOIL (for more advanced levels) is the latest innovation and evolution in the field of water sports. It is an awesome new sport that has grown in popularity over the past couple of years. Wingsurf is the perfect combination of elements such as kitesurf, windsurf, paddle surf and surf. The beginner level is to start to ride on a regular SUP board and with more experience on a  SUP Foil board, while holding a hand-held inflatable sail, which is called a “wing”. It makes your contact with the wing much closer. The posture and the handling behaviour is like in windsurfing and the way of sliding and surfing the waves gives you the feeling of surfing with a paddle board. The sensation of sliding on a board with great buoyancy and feeling the force of the wind through the wing is unique and very exciting.

What about safety?

Wingsurf is a safe sport if practiced properly, respecting a few rules. As in kitesurfing and windsurfing, all students must wear a helmet and a lifejacket to be safe. You have the wing directly in your hands which prevents you from losing control. The wing has a safety leash so as soon as the grip handles are released the wing moves to a neutral position and stops pulling. The boards used in wingsurfing are large, with the ability to float which makes it easy to stand and also sit on, if needed.

Our professional partner for wingsurf

As for all of our programmes, safety comes first. We have been very selective in choosing the instructors for our new wingsurfing program to ensure we are offering our students the best experience possible. With KTS we have a local kitesurf school on hand which will turn this new experience to an exciting summer holiday memory for our summer campers. Wingsurfing could be the sport you’ve been looking for, for a lifetime!

Wingsurf beaches Tarifa

With Levante the Wingsurfing courses will be held at Los Lances Beach and with Poniente at Punta Paloma. The conditions at these two windsurfing beach locations in Tarifa are ideal, as it is most important to have flat water in order to practice this sport.

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For teenagers from 14 to 17 years

  • Practice Kitesurf
  • Learn Spanish or English
  • Accommodation