Surf camp during Easter break in Oualidia , Morocco

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Surf Camp in Oualidia, Morocco, ages 8 to 15 years


Oualidia is a small fishing village in Morocco on the Atlantic coast between El Jadida and Safi.The nearest airport Casablanca is 160 kilometers away.

The village is divided in an upper and lower part. The upper part is where the daily life takes place. Many small businesses, restaurants, banks, pharmacies and internet cafés offer their services. The lower part is where the lagoons with sand beaches invite to relax with some really good restaurants which offer high quality seafood and fish. Not to forget the oysters which count as the principal source of income.

Oualidia has tourism but is not overrun like bigger cities. People come here to take advantage of the ideal conditions for learning to surf and of course to enjoy the charming unspoiled environment. The environment is completely safe and the inhabitants are really very friendly and helpful. Still the surf spot and all other sites to visit do not require any transport. In Oualidia everything can be reached walking.

The Surf Sport

In our Surfcamp in Morocco and under azure blue skies, teenagers will get the most out of their surf courses in an international environment with many posibilities to interact linguistically in several languages.

This option is a very good choice for families travelling together but having different priorities; the teenagers keen on learning how to ride the waves and the adults interested in exploring the highlights in this hospitable country. While parents are travelling in the area or relaxing, the teenagers will enjoy the surf program specially designed for their age, in a safe and comfortable environment.

Surfing is one of the oldest sports and was discovered in Hawaii from where the best surfers still come from.

The bay and lagoon at Oualida provide the ideal conditions for the initiation of surfing as waves are filtered through a natural pass, thereby reducing size and power before breaking on a sandy islet. This configuration thus allows a gentle introduction, where riding the waves is safe and secure. So daily practice and a sense of achievement are assured, regardless of the size of the swell. In other words Oualidia is the ideal spot for young learners.

Another advantage of surfing compared to other nautical sports is that only one short board is needed which can easily be handled by every surfer. Our partner in Morocco works with soft surfboards which are ideal school boards and specifically manufactured for this purpose.

The group size is maximum four people for one Surf Instructor and the Surf courses are held one in the morning and the other one in the afternoon.

Young people do not only learn a new challenging sport but their self-confidence will be enhanced. At the same time their sports skills will be tested and of course they will achieve excellent physical strength.

Once again as in our Kitesurfcamp in Tarifa, security takes pride of place in the Oualidia Surf Camp. The Surfschool has two boats with 90CV motors available and also a scooter along with everything that is needed for first aid.