Residential summer school in Tarifa, Spain

Residential summer school in Tarifa, Spain2019-03-15T20:38:27+01:00

Residential summer school in Tarifa centre for teens aged 14 to 17

When staying at our summer camps our teenage campers stay in traditional cabins in shared rooms. The participants will be allocated in their rooms by gender and age. Our Lenguaventura home is situated just a short ride from Tarifa town in the laid-back hills surrounding the town, complete with stunning views over the Strait of Gibraltar. 

It’s a hostel style accommodation with many advantages for a camp community life including a swimming pool to refresh during the hot Spanish sun, as well as lot of possibilities for our group leaders to organise outdoor night activities.

There is also a reception with sofas to relax, where our campers can use the provided wifi to chat and stay in contact with family and friends.

Every cabin has its own toilets, sanitary facilities and all of the essentials are provided including bedding and towels for our campers.

More facilities:

  • Swimming pool
  • Ping pong table
  • Inside and outside space for performances and group activities
  • Huge outdoor space for playing football or basketball and many more sports
  • Dining room with terrace
  • Classrooms
  • Wifi
  • 24/7 office which is always available for information and advice
  • Kitchen with professional staff who prepare fresh and healthy food and cater for any special dietary or vegan/vegetarian requirements.

We love living in a community here at Lenguaventura summer camps and believe this is the biggest advantage our summer camps offer. The community allows our campers to practise different languagesmeet people from other countries and cultures. Although being together 24 hours a day can be a challenge, it’s a mind-opening experience and usually ends in very deep friendships being formed which last for years and across borders.

We encourage all teens who play an instrument to bring this to camp – if it can easily travel with you, of course. There is nothing better than camp music surrounded by a group of friends.