Residential summer school for teens between 14 and 17

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Residential summer school in Tarifa centre for teens aged 14 to 17

We accommodate our young campers since our opening in 2003 in the only existing school residence in the centre of Tarifa town. During the school year Spanish children use it as a boarding school and as soon as they leave on holidays we can take it over for our Lenguaventura summer camp.

It’s a hostel style accommodation with many advantages for a camp community life. It is located in Tarifa town and just a stone’s throw away from the old city centre and the town’s beaches which offer a beautiful views across the Strait of Gibraltar and on clear days to the African continent. 

The infrastructure the School Residence offers is perfect for a youth summer holiday and we do not have to move around town on public transport. Everything we need is nearby and even for getting about town we can walk.

The dormitories offer accommodation for a maximum of three students in one room and teens are allocated by gender and age and if possible by nationalities. This allows participants to make new friends from different countries and communicate as much as possible in the target language (Spanish or English).

Bedding is provided but the campers should bring their own towels. Each student has their own cupboard and there is plenty of storage room in the dorms.  

We do not separate friends or siblings of the same gender as long as parents agree that they can sleep in the same room.

There is a lounge area with sofas to relax, chat or stay in contact with the family. It is where wifi works best.

At a glance the Lenguaventura participants can benefit from the following facilities in our Camp accommodation:

  • Lockers for personal belongings
  • Theatre for performances
  • Ping pong table and table soccer
  • Outdoor sport installations
  • Dining room
  • Classrooms
  • Lounge with WiFi
  • Office which is always available for getting information, advice or listening to suggestions.
  • Kitchen with professional staff who prepare fresh and healthy food for our teens.

For any special dietary or vegan/vegetarian requirements we would appreciate getting this information before the Camp starts to be well prepared.

Sanitary facilities are located on every floor with single showers, toilets and basin. Additional toilets are available in the common  area and on the girls’ floor.

Living in community is the biggest plus summer camps offer. Practising different languages, meeting people from other countries and cultures and being together 24 hours a day is challenging but at the same time mind-opening and usually ends in very deep friendships which last for years and across borders.

Teens who play an instrument are invited to bring it. If it can easily travel with you of course. There is nothing better than camp Music surrounded by a group of friends.