Tarifa in Andalusia – summer camp destination

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Spanish and English Camps in Tarifa, Andalusia

Tarifa in Andalusia on the Costa de la Luz is a unique Andalusian town with about 18.000 inhabitants. Firstly, for being the southernmost point of the European mainland. Secondly, because both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meet here. Third, for its bright light.

On clear days the Strait of Gibraltar with the African Continent in the background can be seen perfectly. Looking inland the observer becomes aware of the green hills which surround Tarifa. A stunning contrast hard to beat.

This town in Southern Spain is a magnet for sporty people. They all flock in to benefit from the wind conditions to practise their favourite water sports, such as kitesurfing, windsurfing and wingsurfing which make Tarifa a colourful and lively in place.

Non- surfers are well catered for too. Tarifa offers magnificent possibilities to get to know hidden inland places and wild water falls. Of course never forgetting our beautiful beaches.

Although tourism is an integral part of Tarifa, traditions are upheld and the biggest events take place in the Easter week and in the first week of September.

The whitewashed stone alleys in the old town, which is surrounded by the old city walls, bring you back in time. Over the last few years many small new stylish shops and restaurants opened in the old town.

The beach promenade is also worthwhile visiting as there was recently a graffiti contest and quite a few good artists joined so that we now have graffiti arts all over the promenade.

Up to now we have still not spoken about the sandy beaches which are endless and start in town and go through to Bolonia. There are some hidden beaches where you feel like you are in the Caribbean with its turquoise waters. Even Paulo Coelho, the famous Brazilian writer mentioned Tarifa in his book “The Alchemist.”

For arrivals and departures, we recommend Malaga airport because it has the best flight connections. Gibraltar is ideal for travellers from England. Other options are Jerez de la Frontera and Seville.

Curious about what Tarifa is like? Don’t waste any more time and come and see for yourself. We would love to see you.