Wingsurfing – Fun facts about this sport

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Wingsurfing – Fun facts about this sport

With the introduction of our latest wingsurfing watersports summer camp, we wanted to show this year’s campers just how awesome wingsurfing is. Read on and find out some cool facts about wingsurfing and some links to some incredible videos. We can’t wait to welcome all of our students to the wingsurfing summer camp this year!

Firstly, check out this video from Damien Le Roy on Youtube, which tells you six reasons to try wingsurf: 

Fun fact: Wingsurfing is like kitesurfing and windsurfing but minus the tangles, as only two pieces of equipment are needed – an SUP board and a wing – and no ropes!

Check out this video from Robby Naish, inventor of the Naish wing, here: 

Fun fact: The wingsurf sport is simpler than kitesurfing or windsurfing as it only requires basic skills, good intuition and minimal equipment.

We love this atmospheric video by Keahi de Aboitiz of him practising wingsurf in Hawaii so watch it here: 

Fun fact: Wingsurfing is a weather friendly sport. This means you can practice it in most weather conditions.

Watch the world’s first wing foiling contest by Surfer Today here: 

Fun fact: You don’t need to be near the sea to try wingsurfing, as you can practice this sport on rivers, lakes, rollerblades or even snow!

Watch this awesome video of Kai Lenny practising wingsurf here: 

Fun fact: It feels like flying on top of the water! Plus, it’s a great workout involving cardio and toning of your complete body muscles.

Now who’s ready to try wingsurfing at Lenguaventura summer camp in Tarifa, Spain this year?! We have organised the best water sport school and instructors to teach you lots of awesome wingsurfing skills and techniques. If you love water sports then why not try something new? All we need from you is the right attitude of enthusiasm and eagerness and you will be flying across the water in no time!

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