Outside activities with fun factor to do in Winter

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Outside activities with fun factor to do in Winter

When it’s cold outside we retreat inside into the warmth. Even though it’s easy to fall into a winter slump, it means we can often miss all the beauty nature has to offer in the colder months. It’s important to stay active and healthy during the winter, so check out our list of fun and adventurous outside activities to do in winter.


Cold winter nights generally mean clearer night skies which are the perfect conditions for stargazing. Make sure you wrap up warm with a thick coat and a hat, gloves and scarf and go nighttime exploring. See if you can spot Orion’s bow and arrow and other beautiful constellations this winter.

 Hunt for Mushrooms

During the colder autumn and winter months, that’s when we see lots of colourful fungi popping up throughout the woodland. Fungi love damp and dark conditions so see how many species you can spot on a mushroom hunt. Better still, join a guided mushroom walking tour where your qualified guide can tell you which mushrooms are safe to eat, so you can take some home for your dinner. But make sure you stay safe and don’t take any mushrooms that you’re not sure about as some species can be very poisonous!

Cook on a Campfire

There’s nothing better than the feeling of sitting round a campfire with friends and family, staying warm and toasty in the winter. Bring some healthy ingredients and have a winter BBQ. Plus the best campfire dessert has to be American style smores which consist of marshmallows, chocolate and two graham crackers. A delicious treat this winter!

Watch the Sunset

Sunsets are just for the summer months! In fact, we’ve watched some of the most beautiful sunsets on those colder evenings. Better still, the early winter sunsets mean you don’t have to wait up until later in the evening and may even catch a beautiful sunset on your way home from school or a friends house in the evening.

 Go fossil hunting

The choppy seas in the winter months make the best conditions for ancient fossils to be found along the coast. If you’re lucky enough to visit the UK in winter, make sure you head to the famous Jurassic Coast to see if you can spot an ammonite or trilobite along the beach. Lyme Regis is the best known spot and many fossil hunters can be found hunting along the beach for an exciting fossil find. Why not research into where fossils have been found in your country and see if you can make a trip to spot one? Just make sure you find out the rules around fossil hunting and don’t take anything without permission.

Photography Nature Walk

Take your camera or phone with you on a photography nature walk this winter and see if you can capture some of the beautiful sights nature has to offer. We love spotting frosted spiders webs on plants, icicles hanging off trees and the selections of beautiful winter blooms that pop up in the winter. Plus, you can’t miss all the twinkling lights that brighten up winter nights during the festive season.

Let us from Lenguaventura summer camps know your favourite outside activities in the winter in the comments.

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