Preparing yourself for summer camp

Discover our tips for preparing yourself for summer camp There’s just over two weeks to go until Lenguaventura Summer Camp 2022 starts and we couldn’t be more excited! We’re thrilled to be welcoming teenagers from all over the world to Tarifa - one of the best locations across the globe for windsurfing, kitesurfing and wingsurfing! Over [...]

Anticipation Summer Camp – Teen Camp Tarifa

How to work through your anticipation of summer camp Arriving at summer camp is always a moment of mixed emotions. Whether you are a first-time summer camper or if you’re returning after the previous summer, it can be an emotional time. Ordinarily jitters such as feeling excited, scared and worried is completely normal and the [...]

First summer camp – what to expect

Every year at Lenguaventura we host campers from all over the world. Some of our campers have been to summer camps before and some are attending a summer camp for the very first time. As Lenguaventura summer camp 2022 is fast approaching, we’ve compiled some information on what to expect at your first summer camp. [...]

Sea Change Project – Inspiring Stories

After watching My Octopus Teacher on Netflix for the second time, we were inspired to check out the star, Craig Foster’s, Sea Change Project. It aims to highlight the diverse nature and ecosystem of the Great African Seaforest. Educating people on the importance of protecting our seas, oceans and underwater environments. Check out a few [...]

Focus on loving your body

You’re beautiful the way you are so learn to love your body. There’s so much pressure on young people to look a certain way. We often compare the shape of our bodies to celebrities, influencers and other people in the media. Not to mention, the day-to-day comparison with our friends and peers. It’s exhausting! But [...]

Wingsurfing – Fun facts about this sport

With the introduction of our latest wingsurfing watersports summer camp, we wanted to show this year’s campers just how awesome wingsurfing is. Read on and find out some cool facts about wingsurfing and some links to some incredible videos. We can’t wait to welcome all of our students to the wingsurfing summer camp this year! [...]

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Reliving Summer camp experience at home

Lenguaventura summer camp 2021 is over and what a great time it was! Easing back into life at home after summer camp can be hard, after all the excitement the summer has brought. Your Summer camp experience allows you to learn lots of valuable life skills, so here’s our top tips to reliving your summer [...]

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