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Give Back This Christmas

Christmas is a time of abundance and excitement and one of the best times of the year. But it’s also important to remember that other kids and teenagers around the world may not be as fortunate. They may have no family to spend Christmas with; be living in poverty or in a harmful and unsafe [...]

What you learn at Summer Camp

That’s it. Lenguaventura Summer Camp is over for another year and what a fantastic time we’ve had! Although summer camp can be daunting, every student who stays with us leaves having had an amazing time, and with a sense of gratitude for all the things they’ve learned during summer camp. Here’s our list of what [...]

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The top five reasons to go back to school

After a long and surprising period of being off school this year, we’re hearing from students that they’re ready and super excited to go back! We here at Lenguaventura summer camps don’t blame them, as there’s so many brilliant reasons to be excited to go back to school. Check out our top five reasons why [...]

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Visit Spain during summer holidays

Spanish Culture – What to expect in Spain When visiting another country it’s normal to be curious about what to expect. What will the people be like? How do the people live? These are common thoughts when delving into the unknown, but that’s all part of the fun! Here in Tarifa in Spain, there [...]

In a summer camp such as Lenguaventura camps

In a summer camp children get the chance to become who they want to be Different environments, food, the daily flow, new people around who they share their rooms with. This is a small glimpse of what children get out of  a teen summer camp. Some adapt immediately, others need a couple of days. Already in [...]