Wing Surfing in Tarifa in 2022 with Lenguaventura

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Wing Surfing in Tarifa in 2022 with Lenguaventura

Were delighted to announce that we will be introducing a new water sport activity for our summer camp 2022... and that is wing surfing! An exhilarating and exciting activity for all abilities, let us tell you more about wing surfing in Tarifa

So, what is wing surfing?

It is simple. It is the use of a hand held wing order to propel a board on the water. Much like kitesurfing or windsurfing – which are other water sports offered at Lenguaventura summer camps – the rider holds onto the wing as the wind takes them across the water.

The first commercial wings were made only as recently as mid 2019 and since then this sport has exploded. Riders from a variety of backgrounds are addicted to this thrilling new way of catching the waves, including both professional surfers and amateur riders.

We love the freedom wing surfing gives you and the sensation is like nothing before. There are no lines to tangle when in the water and the set up is super easy. Its an intuitive experience for all abilities and we cant wait to offer this to our summer campers next year!

Read on to find out how we will be bringing this new water sport experience to Lenguaventura summer campers in 2022.

Wing surfing in Tarifa

In partnership with one of the Kitesurf schools we’ve worked with for years, named KTS, here in Tarifa, we will be offering our summer campers the opportunity to try wing surfing, in 2022. KTS has specialised and competent instructors to teach the skills of wing surfing.

Much like our other watersports classes, the wing surfing lessons will take place in small groups of four, with two wings, so each participant has the chance to dig in and really experience wing surfing. Alternatively, campers can experience wing surfing via semi-private lessons, for even more time in the water, which includes two people who will each have their own wing to practice with.

A summer holiday is the perfect time to try something new and have a new adventure so what are you waiting for? Experience wing surfing in Tarifa with Lenguaventura in 2022!

For more details about our new wing surfing program in Tarifa for 2002 please email us.

In the meantime, find out more about wing surfing here. 

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