Sustainable gifts for teenagers – Lenguaventura proposals

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Sustainable gifts for teenagers – Lenguaventura proposals

This is the season to be sustainable! In fact, here at Lenguaventura, we believe it’s always the time to be sustainable, whatever time of year it is. But Christmas is coming, so we’ve rounded up some of our top picks of sustainable gifts for teenagers. Spoil yourself sustainably this Christmas with our wish list below.

 Sustainable Skateboard

We know our campers are super adventurous and love being active even when they’re not by the sea, so we thought this sustainable skateboard would make an amazing gift. It’s sustainable because it’s been handcrafted from bamboo rather than maple wood which is critically endangered in some species.

Eco conscious skateboarders are switching to bamboo boards which are durable and versatile whilst being extra kind to the planet.

Whilst waiting for summer camp to start and missing riding the waves, ride the pavements instead with a skateboard. Practice your skateboarding skills on a sustainable skateboard this year. Shop our favourites by Bamboo Skateboards here

Personalised Recycled Backpack

Carry your school books in style and be the envy of all your friends with a personalised recycled backpack. Made from 100% recycled polyester, it’s not only a great looking backpack, but it’s also kinder to the environment. It’s available in five bright colours including red, mustard, blue, green and black. The perfect sustainable gift for teenagers this Christmas.

Decide on your favourite colour here

Sustainable Shoes

Did you know Toms commits 1/3 of its profits in support of people working to build equity at the grassroots level? That means that every pair of Toms you buy not only looks good, but does good too! There’s nothing better than feeling great about what you’re wearing so check out our favourite shoes for girls and guys or learn more about Toms’ sustainability impact here

Get an ECOBoard for Kitesurfing

For all our campers missing the ocean this winter, choose an eco friendly ECOBOARD for your main Christmas gift this year. Choose from a list of manufacturers supplying ecoboards here

Choose an Experience

Sometimes there can be nothing more special than the gift of time with your family or close friends. So an experience is the perfect sustainable present this Christmas. Ask your loved one for a gift certificate of a date with them to do something you love… Maybe a cinema trip, a picnic in the park or an adventure at a local theme park. Whatever you choose, your time together will be the most special gift to receive. Why don’t you make your own gift certificates for your family and friends this year? …..or ask us for a gift voucher for our summer camp 2022 with water sports such as kitesurfing, windsurfing or wingsurfing and language classes. 


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