Reliving Summer camp experience at home

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Reliving Summer camp experience at home

Lenguaventura summer camp 2021 is over and what a great time it was! Easing back into life at home after summer camp can be hard, after all the excitement the summer has brought. Your Summer camp experience allows you to learn lots of valuable life skills, so here’s our top tips to reliving your summer camp experience everyday at home.

Keep in touch with your summer camp friends

One of the best things both summer camp is that is enables to you make friends with people from across the globe! These friendships help to expand your view of the world, teach you about cultures different from your own and learn new languages. Make sure you keep in touch with your friends from summer camp utilising modern technology, such as WhatsApp, email and of course, social media.

Embrace you independence

Our campers learn lots of valuable life skills at summer camp which help to establish independence. Sleeping away from home is a big thing for some of our campers as it can be the first time in a new place without your parents. Travelling on your own can also be daunting, but it gives you people skills, organisation skills and problem solving skills to help you in the real world. Put this into action at home and try to embrace your independence, where possible, to ensure your life skills for the future.

Share your summer camp story with your classmates

Why not inspire your classmates with your talles of summer camp and make a presentation for your return to school? After a long summer of no school, your classmates will surely want to hear what you’ve been up to over the holidays. Create a cool presentation with photos and stories from  summer camp to share with your class. You never know it might just inspire a nervous teen to get out of their comfort zone and have an adventure of their own!

Keep practicing your watersports

The best thing about Lenguaventura summer camps is that you get to experience either windsurfing, kitesurfing or activities in nature, depending on the activity you choose. The freedom of being out on the waves with the wind blowing in your hair is the best feeling! Be sure to practice your chosen water sport whenever possible, to ensure you don’t lose those awesome tricks and moves! As winter is approaching you could maybe find a possibility to challenge yourself with snowkiting if you have a change to practise it nearby. Check out our list of best places for snowkiting.

Live kindly and sustainably

Here in Tarifa, at Lenguaventura summer camps, we get to immerse ourselves in the beauty of nature and learn how to take care of it. From recycling our rubbish to caring for local plants and wildlife, make sure you take those skills and lessons back home with you, so you continue to live as kindly and sustainably as possible. Why not teach your siblings and friends some of your skills too? Caring for our planet is our responsibility so you should be proud to have developed those skills so young!

Let us know how you’ve adapted to being back home in the comments.

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