Why breaking routine can be helpful

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Why breaking routine can be helpful

How breaking your routine can help you

It’s safe to say that the Coronavirus lockdown has been something everyone across the world has had to adjust to. It’s disrupted our routines, thrown the future into uncertainty and made us hit pause on our daily lives. But every cloud has a silver lining so here’s five reasons why breaking your routine can help you. 

Inspire creativity

Taking a break from the monotony of your everyday routine can inspire creativity. When you’re out of your comfort zone, your eyes open to the things around you. It can inspire new ideas, new possibilities and show you the things you were missing when you were used to the same people, things and scenery everyday.

More time, new ideas

I think it’s fair to assume that most of us have had more time on our hands during lockdown. Time has felt (and continues to feel) quite transient – at one moment time seems to stand still and at others, it seems to rush by. With the hours of each day stretched out ahead of you, and with nowhere to go, there’s been time for new ideas and activities to take hold. This can help you plan for the future and think about the things that really make you happy which can only be a positive thing.

Break bad habits

With every normal routine, bad habits can slip in and you may not know you’re even doing them. This could be as simple as never having time to eat breakfast at home in the morning so you grab an unhealthy snack on the way to school, or spending too much time on your phone before bedtime resulting in disrupted sleep. Instead you can choose to eat a healthy breakfast which gives you energy throughout the day, or read a book before bedtime to calm your mind. By breaking your daily routine, this allows you to analyse your daily habits and gives you the chance to change the bad ones.

Relax and breathe

Most people’s daily routines are busy – what with school, seeing friends, after-school clubs, family time, homework and household chores, there can be a lot to fit into 24 hours. By braking this routine and having a little ‘me time’, it can give you the space you need to breathe, relax and recalibrate.

Get you out of your comfort zone

Life’s most valuable lessons are often learnt when we’re out of our comfort zone. Breaking your normal routine is one of the best ways to take you out of this. When you’re out of your comfort zone it teaches you to not be complacent, and you can learn new things about yourself and the people around you. Open your eyes by trying it today. See what new things you notice or new skills you learn.

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