Future changes – A backwards Corona Forecast

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Future changes – A backwards Corona Forecast

Resources: www.horx.com and www.zukunftsinstitut.de

How will our daily routines be after confinement? Will we really go back to the normality we know? Some futurologists say that this will never happen.

There are historical moments in which future changes directions and we are living in such a moment. The world as we know it could change forever. 

Maybe today it is still too early to put ourselves in the situation to look back to March and April 2020 but trend forecasters have done it. We from Lenguaventura summer camps would like to share their prognostics which we consider interesting. In order to cope with the present they have taken a leap into the future.

Social sacrifices

Afterwards we will be surprised that the social sacrifices that we had to make were not a huge loss. It is curious but the physical distancing brought us somehow new closeness. For example we contacted old friends more often, we connected more with people we had a loose relationship, family and neighbours are closer than before. The social correctness which we missed very often increased.

Business behaviour

In business we learned that videoconferences and working from home are not too bad at all. It is practical and productive. It gives more time for the family and friends as we dont have to catch a flight so often.


At the same time, apparently outdated cultural techniques experienced a renaissance. Suddenly you didn’t hear the answering machine when you called, but real people. Endless speaking through the landline a luxury as in real time most people are always running around and being very busy. It is a revival of real communication, culture of availability and commitment. Another lost culture reappeared; reading books suddenly became a cult phenomenon.

Television programs

Reality shows suddenly seemed awkward – trivial trash, the infinite soul garbage that flowed through all channels. No, it didn’t completely disappear. But it was rapidly losing value. As well as the cruel crime series reached its tipping point.

 Social intelligence

What we certainly learned was to appreciate the new social behaviour. The decisive factor was that people could remain solitary and constructive despite radical restrictions. Human-social intelligence has helped. This has shifted the relationship between technology and culture. We are again turning our attention to more humane questions rather than celebrating a technology hype.

Change in habits

Bad habits such as cynicism or debates about political correctness seems suddenly ridiculous and superfluous. Our lives were also dominated by fears which we were able to turn to inner strength when we get aware that humanity is still here, that it survived.

Could it be that the virus is really going to change our lives in a direction that we wanted to change anyway but were not able or too busy?  Maybe it was just a message from the future to make clear that if we dont stop going in the wrong direction there will be no future? We dont know but want to believe that there is a great gain of truth in this forecast.

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