Cancellation policy summer camp Tarifa, Spain

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Cancellation policy summer camp Tarifa, Spain

Dear parents,

As you’ll all be aware, the global pandemic with Coronavirus is under close scrutiny with governments and health organisations across the world. Us here at Lenguaventura are following the situation and advice closely and will act accordingly. Our 2020 summer camp reservations started off well so as always we are very grateful to all of our customers – thank you for your support.

As all governments worldwide also the Spanish government is working on regulations which will be applied from March 14th in order to control the outbreak and minimise risk. For the moment Andalusia has few cases of COVID-19 and in Tarifa there are no cases currently.

We have decided this is a good time to inform our customers and interested parents in our cancellation policy. Our policy has and continues to be generous as we have always been a business with ethical values.

  • At the moment any prospective clients who enrols in March or April won’t be charged the downpayment of € 650 for the moment until the situation is clearer. This should give you the time to observe and finally make your own decision about the safety of travelling during the risk of Coronavirus.
  • Clients who have already paid the downpayment don’t have to worry either. We guarantee that the full downpayment will be refunded until 31 days before the chosen Summer Camp date.
  • Balance payment is due 30 days before the camp start date. If a cancellation is made up to 31 days before the start the downpayment is refunded and clients do not have to pay the balance payment fee.

Nobody knows where the journey goes to so that we can’t make any drastic decisions or a prognosis until closer to the time. Here at Lenguaventura, we will continue to enthusiastically prepare for our summer camp and hope that we can make the summer 2020 an unforgettable experience for your teens. It’s what we’ve done since 2003. In these exceptional times we can only be patient and try to stay positive. Especially as the symptomatic picture of Coronavirus is that it is expected to decrease dramatically in summer and that young people are less at risk.

If you decide to take the next step and reserve a space for our summer camp in Tarifa, we recommend you find out your flight company’s cancellation policy before booking flights. We have read that many flight companies have adapted to the situation so flights can be cancelled or changed if necessary unless it is not for personal fear to get infected. In any case clients will get their money back if flights are cancelled by the flight company because of the pandemic.

Should you consider to take out a travel insurance and/or cancellation insurance please talk first with your insurance agent to see if COVID-19 is covered under their policy.

Here at Lenguaventura, we are taking comfort in the following piece of wisdom. We wanted to share this with you as we feel it fits our momentary life situation.

*Nasrudin and the Plague
The Plague was on his way to Baghdad when he met Nasrudin. He asked him:
Where are you going?
The Plague replied:
To Baghdad, to kill ten thousand people.
After a time, the Plague met Nasrudín again. Very angry, the Mullah said to him:
You lied to me. You said you would kill ten thousand people and you killed a hundred thousand.
And the Plague replied:
I did not lie, I killed ten thousand.* The rest died of fear.*
*Tale of the Sufi tradition*

We will be in touch soon and will keep you updated and informed about any news which is important to you regarding the summer camp. Take care and stay positive.

Take care and keep up the positive spirit.

For tips on how to stay safe during the Coronavirus please click here.

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