What you learn at Summer Camp

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What you learn at Summer Camp

That’s it. Lenguaventura Summer Camp is over for another year and what a fantastic time we’ve had! Although summer camp can be daunting, every student who stays with us leaves having had an amazing time, and with a sense of gratitude for all the things they’ve learned during summer camp. Here’s our list of what you learn at summer camp…

Self Confidence

Being a teenager is a time of huge changes. At summer camp you’re encouraged to try new things, such as new activities, new sports, new foods and most importantly making new friends. All of these experiences help shape you, by making you step outside your comfort zone. Most importantly, these experiences help you increase in self confidence.


Have you heard the saying “teamwork makes the dream work”? Well, it’s so true! Working together as a team at summer camp always makes the task more fun and easier. Be it during your chosen watersport, during fun activities in the evening or when looking after the camp accommodation. You’ll learn new skills from your friends who may have mastered that awesome kitesurfing trick or have a blast competing with your camp mates during games in the evening. Teamwork is a skill that will help you through life in every job or role you take on, so it’s an important skill to learn at a young age.


When meeting new people from all over the world, it’s important to have respect for those around you. Summer camp certainly teaches you this. Respect means having pride in your own accomplishments, treating others how you want to be treated, and keeping your environment clean while at summer camp. Respect for yourself and others ensure you grow as an individual and create strong communities throughout your life.


Summer camp can often be the first time you have been away from home on your own. A big part of being a teenager is learning how to have responsibility for yourself. Summer camp teaches you how to wake up on time, follow the camp schedule, keep track of your belongings and help out in keeping the camp clean and tidy.


It’s important to be resilient and overcome life’s challenges. For some of our campers, it may be their first time trying out a new watersport. Having resiliency helps you transform from a complete beginner to a confident surfer with all the cool tricks!


Being away from home by yourself helps you find out who you are and build your independence. Throughout your life, independence will help you to take on new challenges, go on new journeys and meet new people.


Believe us… summer camp is the most fun you’ll ever have! It’ll make you experience gratitude for all the amazing things you’ve learned while you were away from home. Spending time in nature will make you appreciate the beauty of your surroundings. It’s the little things at summer camp that you’ll have the most gratitude for, so savour these and feel gratitude that you were able to experience them.

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