Give Back This Christmas

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Give Back This Christmas

Christmas is a time of abundance and excitement and one of the best times of the year. But it’s also important to remember that other kids and teenagers around the world may not be as fortunate. They may have no family to spend Christmas with; be living in poverty or in a harmful and unsafe environment… Just think what your Christmas would look like if this were your situation. Why not have a giving Christmas this year and choose a gift that gives back? Lenguaventura summer camps suggest here a few ways you can give back this Christmas…

 Find out which local stores are collecting gifts for Children

Lots of local stores run collections for gift for underprivileged children during the festive season. Many offer the chance to buy an extra gift for a child while you’re there in the store. Just think a few extra Euros which you won’t miss could give a child a big smile on Christmas day with an unexpected gift. Ask your school which local shops are doing this.

Buy pre-loved gifts from charity shops this Christmas

There’s plenty of stuff in the world and it’s true that we often don’t need half the Christmas presents we receive. Why not opt for a more sustainable approach this Christmas and choose some Christmas gifts for your friends and family from charity shops in your local area? There’s always some unique and interesting things to be found in charity shops and some great bargains too! Meaning your spending money can go a lot further.

Did you know some of our favourite Christmas cards are available at charity shops too? Oxfam always has a beautiful selection with both cute and classic designs. Plus every card sold gives back to a good cause.

Raise money by selling a Christmas craft

Why not use the school holidays to get creative and raise money for a good cause? You could make a unique Christmas craft such as handmade Christmas tree decorations or tasty chocolates. Even some fun festive themed cupcakes could raise some extra money for your favourite charity. This can be a super fun activity and a great way to spend time with friends over the holidays.

Ask your parents for a monthly donation to a charity of your choice

Here’s an idea… why not choose to receive one less present under the tree this year and instead, ask your parents to donate a small amount each month to a charity of your choice? Some of the causes closest to our hearts are Water Aid for clean water for every person on the planet; Unicef to improve a child’s life; Action Aid against period poverty; Surfers Against Sewage for cleaner seas and oceans.

Give to your local food bank

Next time you’re at the supermarket with your parents, ask them to buy one or two essential items for a family in need. As the cost of living increases across the globe for more and more families, if you can spare a few extra euros then this can be a great way to give back this Christmas.

The best types of products to give to your local food bank are: canned fruits and vegetables, rice, dried pasta and peanut butter – basically anything that is safely store outside of the fridge and has a long expiry date.

Buy an extra gift for a child less fortunate at your school

Why not buy an extra gift this year for a child who is less fortunate than you at your school? You could even make them something thoughtful and special. It’s important to remember that just because someone goes to the same school as you doesn’t mean that they have the same type of home life. So, be thoughtful this Christmas and remember that some kids at your school may not have been as fortunate this Christmas. 

What are you going to do to give back this Christmas?

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