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Name and Surname

Please read this text and answer afterwards the questions referring to it

"You're coming to Tarifa! It is known for fairly adventurous water-sports. You'll have a ball! The place is utterly special.

Of course, there aren't any skyscraper horizons to be seen here or excitingly urban attractions to immerse yourself in. But who cares?

There are wide open spaces, endlessly beautiful beaches, kites galore creating a skyline in movement. Who could ask for anything more?

You will feel an elated sense of happiness with the freedom of the open skies. You'll see Africa daily from this small place in Europe and find it a mind-boggling experience. You'll make friends from all over the place and enrich your sense of Life. Your vitality will be sharpened with all the fun you'll have. And with each and every moment you'll be learning from one another. And you're going to just love it all."


Please indicate what is your level (A1 - C1) and your personal objective in language learning during the Camp.


"It is known" is
a) Active b) Reported c) Passive


"utterly" is
a) Adverb b) Adjective c) Verb


"To immerse oneself in"
a) to swim in b) to take part in c) to put up with


"endlessly" is
a) Adjective b) Countable noun c) Adverb


"Daily" is
a) a newspaper b) everyday c) a surname


"mind-boggling" is
a) a present continuous b) noun c) adjective


"will be sharpened" is
a) passive b) conditional c) reported speech


"each and every" is
a) adjective b) determiner c) verb


"You'll be learning" is
a) past continuous b) present indicative c) future continuous


........"to just love it all" "JUST" is
a) recently b) soon c) simply

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