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Please indicate what is your level (A1 - C1) and your personal objective in language learning during the Camp.


How do you feel after having gone to bed early and slept well?
a) rested b) tired c) exhausted


Marco is travelling ______________________because he is walking from Tarifa to the Pyrennese.
a) slow b) light c) in foot


We heard the bell when we ___________________to school.
a) reached b) arrive c) got


Because my brother was _______________he spent all week at home.
a) sic b) full c) sick


How long is it?
a) It is ten past ten. b) It is two metres long. c) It is a long time.


Whose cat is that?
a) It is Marys. b) It is Marys cat that. c) It is Mary's.


How old are the Pyramids?
a) They are very old. b) There very old. c) Their very old.


When do you _________________read the newspaper?
a) use b) usual c) usually


I do not read books ________________in the morning.
a) soon b) early c) shortly


She was playing tennis ____________________her kids were online.
a) while b) whim c) wherry


My father is
a) averager than me. b) taller than me. c) higher than me.


What did you do yesterday when you stopped studying?
a) I eight. b) I ate. c) I ated.


Did you go to the park?
a) No, I not go to the park. b) No, I did not go to the park. c) Ni, I did not went to the park.


Does she have to go to class?
a) Yes, she haves go. b) Yes, she musts go. c) Yes, she must go.


When were you in Morocco?
a) I were their three years ago. b) I was there three years ago. c) I have been there three years ago.


Who does this book belong to?
a) It is Rachels. b) It is hers. c) It is hers book.


Have you ever visited Cádiz?
a) No, I never been to Cádiz. b) No, I have never being to Cádiz. c) No, I have never been to Cádiz.


If you study enough you _____________________ pass your exam.
a) would b) are c) will


How long have you lived here?
a) I have live here since 1990. b) I have lived here since ten years. c) I have lived here for ten years.


Where are potatoes planted?
a) They planted in the floor. b) They are planted in the floor. c) They are planted in the ground.


If I had loads of time
a) I had travel a lot. b) I would travel a lot. c) I would travelled a lot.


Why don't you buy a new radio?
a) Because I have got none money. b) Because I have not got no money. c) Because I have not got any money.


I have __________ ________________ English for years.
a) been learning b) being learned c) be learning


w.w.w. means:
a) word wade wobble b) wireless world work c) world wide web


Which phrase is correct?
a) blue skies wide open b) wide open blue skies c) skies open wide blue

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