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Summercamps-Tarifa, excursion to Isla Mágica

Instead of becoming bored at home this summer, why not break up the long summer holidays and try a new activity and experience by joining our summercamps for kitesurfing, windsurfing or wingsurfing in Tarifa, Spain? It’ll certainly be something to tell your friends when you return to school! Whether you’re a total beginner or have experience in one of our watersports, our summercamps offer a great way to learn or practice whatever level you’re at, as we have teenagers from across the globe, visit us every year from a variety of skill levels. You’ll also to make some awesome new friends along the way, all without your parents around! What could be better?

Tarifa is a unique place for those who love nature and sports and is one of the most popular places in the world for watersports because of its many windy days and amazing beaches. There is nothing more beautiful during the summer than practicing kitesurf, windsurf or going on an adventure with temperatures around 30 degrees, on long beaches of fine sand, with a spectacular view of Morocco!

Our summer camps follow a programme of sports, language lessons, socialising and downtime, with a typical day following the format below:

  • 3-hour Spanish or English language lesson (four times a week).
  • Lunch and socialising
  • Water Sports! 3 hours (12 hours per week) of your chosen activity programme, be it kitesurf, windsurf or wingsurf
  • On Wednesdays and Saturdays we do whole day excursions to local surrounding areas and learn new activities
  • Return to the camp – shower and free time
  • Dinner
  • Night activities! These change every evening and are organised in the camp or outside the camp or in the local town.

Read some of our student reviews to find out what they had to say about our summercamps:

“Thank you very much for the Lenguaventura experience, it was the best holiday we have ever been on and we hope to return next year!”
Daisy and Carmen

“I’ve had a great camp! Lenguaventura has been my best camp (I’m an expert, it was already my 6th camp). Next summer I want to return. Without any doubt the Lenguaventura team is very professional and very friendly team. All the activities have been organized extremely well. The accommodation in rooms of maximum 3 people and the laundry service was a luxury. Healthy quality food, complements to the cook. Very original night activities and very interesting excursions. I loved th Kitesurf and I want to continue practicing this sport. The mentors were fantastic and my friends I met were hilarious.”

“I enjoyed my stay in Lenguaventura very much. My language skills in Spanish improved quite impressively as a native speaking friend of my parents realized immediately. I had a lot of fun and met new friends. Thanks so much for making this holidays memorable.”

Now all that’s left to do is pick your chosen camp based on our selection of watersports.


Fun teen kitesurf summercamps in Tarifa

Invented in the early 1970s having become mainstream in the 90s, kitesurfing has gained momentum over the years, made popular by kitesurfing legends such as Aaron Hadlow, Stefan Speissberger and Susi Mai. (Check them out, they really are awesome!) It is now an easy, safe and super slick sport to learn, with the supervision of a professional teacher. Our popular summercamps in Tarifa offer the best kitesurfing tuition whatever your skill level – whether you’re a complete beginner, have tried it before or are a kitesurfing pro, Lenguaventura is the right summer camp for you! We offer a range of different courses based on your kitesurfing skill level and dedication to the sport.

Each of our teenagers is supervised by one professional kitesurfing instructor in groups of four students. In this group you will share a kite with one other person and take it in turns to boost, edge and free-ride your kite during our three hour afternoon watersports sessions, each day, giving you the chance to work as a team and help each other improve your skills. We also offer more intensive semi-private courses of two teenagers per instructor, with one kite each, for daily kitesurfing sessions lasting three hours – if you’re determined to become a kitesurfing genius then this is the course for you.

Whether you choose the 12 hour per week group sessions or the 12 hour semi-private tuition, each of our courses are held on different kitesurfing levels from beginner to advanced.

Experienced kitesurfers can also participate in our Kitesurf summercamp. Lenguaventura offers all kitesurfers able to ride independently the opportunity to hire kitesurfing gear and practice by themselves under the supervision of an instructor ashore, while their peers have lessons.

Fun teen windsurf summercamps in Tarifa

Tarifa has been the home to windsurfing since it begun due to it’s warm climate and windy weather which is perfect for windsurfing all year round. It’s a wonderful sport as only a small amount of physical exertion is needed before you’re gliding along the water as free as a bird!

Our windsurf camps are run in collaboration with the leading windsurf school in Tarifa, Spin Out. The lessons take place on four afternoons a week (eight hours per week) at the windsurfing beach Valdevaqueros and our teenagers receive all the required equipment from our team of trained professionals, ensuring the correct windsurfing gear is suitable for all wind conditions.


We offer a course for every windsurfing skill level so every teenager has the opportunity to try out this super fun and freeing sport! Once you’ve mastered the art of standing up and controlling the sail, you’ll have the opportunity to learn crazy tricks such as a grubby and a kabikuchi.

Fun teen wingsurf summercamps in Tarifa

A new water sport called wingsurfing is about to conquer the world and we don’t want to miss introducing wingsurfing to our summer camp program. This year, in 2022, Lenguaventura is purely a water sport summer camp offering kitesurfing, windsurfing and wingsurfing. We offer the most well-known watersports here at Lenguaventura and wingsurfing is awesome and the most easy to learn! We can guarantee you a lot of fun and quick progress in this exhilarating water sport.

All we need from you is the right attitude – full of enthusiasm and eagerness – a tip we think is very helpful for success and for learning anything in life. You may even return home with a new passion! Wingsurfing can be practiced almost anywhere where you have water as you don’t need as much equipment as you would when windsurfing or kitesurfing… The great news is, you can use the wing with skates, a longboard, a snowboard or skis! The wing is extremely versatile to use.

In one week you will be able to learn the basics of wingsurfing. Depending on the group’s abilities and the wind conditions, the hydrofoil element may also be introduced. The wingsurfing course is offered for 12 hours per week in groups of four, always with two people sharing the equipment.