Team Tarifa summer camp demo


“My daughter experienced a substancial personal growth from the entire experience. Thank you for operating a wonderful program.”


Lenguaventura Camp is only possible with the support of a wonderful group of people who share the same enthusiasm, which we’re proud to call our team. At Lenguaventura we are lucky to have great professionals who share our philosophy. 

Staff is always on hand to support teenage campers, fix things if they go wrong to ensure the students always feel protected and properly looked after.



Founder & Camp Director

She is the founder of Lenguaventura. Born in Switzerland she has been living in Spain for many years. She is very enthusiastic about languages and travelling. Irene is convinced that Tarifa, situated at the southernmost end of the Iberian Peninsula, is the best place for a real water sport and  linguistical immersion. Furthermore her passion for outdoor sports makes Tarifa the perfect place for her to live and to spread the word to young people to join the Lenguaventura camp for a unique active and very international summer experience.



Co-ordinator counsellors

He is born in Madrid and is a Scot by adoption, as he has been living in Edinburgh for several years. He has a degree in Journalism and works as a Spanish teacher. He has extensive experience working with children and young people in all kinds of entertainment and leisure activities. In summer Adrián changes Scotland for the Andalusian sun to work in Lenguaventura for many years, which he considers more a passion than a job. Besides enjoying the camp, he loves languages, travelling and photography. Adrian is very funny and makes us laugh a lot.


Marketing and Communication

She transmits our values and philosophy very close, as she experiences camp life  from inside. She has been working for more than 10 years in the education sector, so Araceli brings experience and creativity to our Lenguaventura project. With her best smile and a lot of patience, Araceli is always happy to help any camper or staff member during Camp season. She is  always there where help or support is needed. She loves learning new languages, traveling to other countries and meeting new people so Lenguaventura is her perfect summer destination.



English teacher

She spent several years teaching english as a foreign language to both adults and children. Whilst Sammi loves to be able to help those dedicated students achieve their goals when it comes to their academic qualifications. She also loves bringing fun and a more creative learning style to those that just want to practice, improve and have fun with the language whilst learning.  Sammi studied both fine art, art history and the humanities in London and brings this into her classes when appropriate so that her students can expand their vocabulary in ways that their more academic studies may not have covered. Aside from teaching english, Sammi has a passion for the arts, snowboarding and enjoys being a student at the local circus school.



Spanish teacher

She was working with Irene as she was still in charge of her Spanish language school in Tarifa. Horten had just finished her studies and with her Degree in Spanish philology in hands. Irene saw her potential immediately and she was right. It ended up in 8 years of a wonderful collaboration. Then it was time for Horten to discover the world. She went to Australia, started to study Tourism and English and stayed there a few years. Her next destination was Oxford where she worked as a Teacher. Finally she decided to come home, back to Andalusia. By accident Horten met Irene again and she offered her to teach Spanish in the summer camp. She loves the ambiance in Lenguaventura and is now back in summer since a couple of years.


Kiteschool director

After a successful career cooking around the world he decided to change his passion for being more in touch with nature, to transmit positive emotions and knowledge for this amazing sport. Franky is fluent in English,Spanish,French,Italian and is an old face at the camp. Now more than ten years of collaboration with Lenguaventura is in charge of organizing and coordinating the team of experienced instructors.

Always a big motivator and a friendly presence around the beach wants everyone to make the most of Tarifa.



Responsible wingsurfing courses

In 1996 Daniele came from Italy his home country to Tarifa. He followed his passion for the Windsurfing. In 2000 he discovered kitesurfing and opened in 2002 his first own kitesurfing school. Irene and Daniele have been working together for years, first for adults offering Spanish & kitesurfing packages. Later when the Lenguaventura community grew and more kitesurf schools were needed, Irene’s first choice was asking Daniele and his team to cooperate with Lenguaventura. Three years ago he started to offer a new service for water sports enthusiasts and in summer 2022 we will start with him to offer courses for wing/wingfoilsurfing.


Windsurfschool director

Her first contact with Tarifa was casual. In 1994 she was on her way to Portugal and made a stopover in Tarifa where she saw the windsurfers on the water and she knew in this moment that she wants to be out there too  and having fun whilst windsurfing. In springtime 1995 she came back to Tarifa, without speaking any word of Spanish.  In Irene’s Spanish school they met the first time. Christine was very decided to learn Spanish and windsurfing fast and also to find work. After a few summers working in different shops she started to work in the windsurf school Spin Out which she took over in 2013. Now she has her own Windsurf School. A proof that dreams can come through.



Camp counsellors are the people who are always optimist and with a 24/7 positive energy level but it is much more, it is curiosity, kindness, stamina and last but not least a willingness to look stupid.

In a camp kids can think outside the box and won’t be blamed for it and it is exactly there where counsellors support the kids so that it can happen. What is a better reference than seeing all the smiles, hearing kids running around, shouting happily like hell and enjoying there holidays to the max.

Our camp counsellors are a group of enthusiastic responsible people all with academical backgrounds and with the clear objective to make all participants feel home far from home and safe. They’re a super fun bunch, some of them have been working with us for years and became friends between them, not only during the summer season. That is why we always talk about our Lenguaventura family.