How to survive your teenage years

Photo by Rogério Martins from Pexels Follow our tips on how to survive your teenage years and deal with confusion. Your teenage years can be a confusing time. Some adults may treat you like a child, whilst others give you with responsibilities you don’t feel ready for. Your body is changing. [...]

Summer camp observations – Summer camps Spain

Image Credit: Collin Armstrong @brazofuerte We came across a quote recently that inspired us to write this week’s blog post about some summer camp observations we have made working with teenagers. It reads:    Quote by: wikihow.com Everyone can struggle with ‘being cool’ throughout their teenage years and sometimes it’s hard to even know [...]

Summer camp blog Lenguaventura, Tarifa, Spain

Life-lessons-we-can-all-learn-from-teenagers Now as the countdown for the beginning of the Summer Camp has started there are many thoughts coming up. For one month we will live in a powerful community with teenagers and learn from each other. Before starting the Camp we write this summer camp blog article: Being a teenager is a tough [...]

In a summer camp such as Lenguaventura camps

In a summer camp children get the chance to become who they want to be Different environments, food, the daily flow, new people around who they share their rooms with. This is a small glimpse of what children get out of  a teen summer camp. Some adapt immediately, others need a couple of days. Already in [...]