Youth summer camp Tarifa – How to apply?

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You have taken the decision to enroll your child/children in our youth summer camp but would like to know the steps to take, to properly enroll your teenager in Lenguaventura.

Please fill in the summer camp enrolment form on our website and send it back directly to us.

Upon receipt of the enrollment form, parents will receive a confirmation email from Lenguaventura, informing them that a place is reserved for their child. The confirmation email includes a set of forms which Lenguaventura needs to get back signed by one parent.

One form is the guardianship consent. This document is limited to the duration of the campstay.

The second form is an agreement between Lenguaventura and parents showing that they agree that their child participate in the youth summer camp Lenguaventura.

For your child’s chosen water sport program (either Kitesurf or Windsurf or Wingsurf) parents or legal guardians will receive an additional consent form which must be signed and returned to us.

At the same time we will send the invoice. An immediate downpayment of € 650,– (per person) will be due. Payment can be made either by bank transfer or credit card.

As soon as Lenguaventura receives the signed forms and the deposit payment is credited to the Lenguaventura’s bank account, parents will receive an email with the confirmation that their child has been formally admitted to the summer camp.

In this email a set of documents will be attached:
Code of conduct
List of what to bring
General information about the Youth summer camp
Activity program

The Lenguaventura contact details are as follows:
Tel. +34 956 689 084
Cell phone/whatsapp: +34 607 275 090

Postal address:
S.C. y deportivos del Sur S.L.
Apartado de correos 240
11380 Tarifa (Cádiz)

The balance payment of the program will be due 4 weeks before the summer camp starts. Lenguaventura will send an email reminder to parents.

By June 15th at the latest we expect to receive the flight schedules for all participants and the language test (only from students with previous knowledge of the chosen language).

The last email contact from Lenguaventura, before the Youth summer camp starts is to supply parents with the contact details of the camp staff member who is going to fetch the students at the airport. This information will be sent about 10 days before the students arrive on their respective entrance date.