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Why is it still important to have a brochure available?

Parents sending their kids on a summer camp inform themselves carefully before choosing the right camp. A brochure is a great way for parents to get a first impression of the summer school they are interested in sending their kids to. In a concise way the brochure informs about the company’s offer. A further advantage is that it is not as time consuming as surfing on the company’s website. As a first step to getting basic information a brochure is certainly helpful.

E-brochure or printed brochure?

Being annoyed about having printed a pile of brochures which nobody was asking for. Struggling with the idea of throwing them away as the time came to update dates. This was the moment when we took a clear decision a few years ago. We stopped printing brochures and just started to offer to our potentital audience a summer camp E-brochure.

In our opinion the advantages of digital brochures are:

  • Better for the environment. No useless paper waste.
  • An E-brochure holds all important information about the business in a clear defined space.
  • An E-brochure is always available. No waiting time until the postman brings the brochure home. No anger about lost ordinary mail.
  • Downloading an E-brochure is fast.
  • No need to scroll down the E-brochure – it is easy to print out and read quietly.
  • It is easy to update and edit the E-brochure. For the client the advantage is that they always get the latest information.
  • To potential clients the summer camp E-brochure can be emailed immediately in a pdf format.

Our digital summer camp brochure is available here. This E-brochure is a summary of the most relevant information about the summer camp for teenagers between 14 and 17 years.

The most precise information about the teen summer camp in Tarifa, you find of course on the Lenguaventura website.