Adventure Camp

Summer camp program for young adventurers

Summercamp program for young adventurers with a Eco Citizenship award Lenguaventura has decided to make some exciting changes to our successful Multi-activity option. Building on our many years of experience in working with teenagers we will be offering the opportunity for them to participate in our unique summercamp program for young adventurers in Tarifa, [...]

Summer camps abroad for teenagers

Option Multi-activity:  Multi-adventure, Survival and Nature Exploration These are some of the activities in our Multi-activity programme that we will be providing in Lenguaventura this summer in Tarifa, Spain. Our partner has 20 years experience in bringing the outdoors, adventure and movement to teenagers, families and adults. Their award winning team will ensure that the courses [...]

Adventure Camp for teenagers in Tarifa, Spain

In other posts we have already emphasized that Lenguaventura is a camp with three options - Kitesurf - Windsurf and Multi-activities. In this post we would like to talk about the third option which is the Multiactivity program: When is the adventure Camp the best choice for a student? When the idea of practising only watersports during the summer holidays [...]