Summer camps abroad for teenagers

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Summer camps abroad for teenagers

Option Multi-activity:  Multi-adventure, Survival and Nature Exploration

These are some of the activities in our Multi-activity programme that we will be providing in Lenguaventura this summer in Tarifa, Spain. Our partner has 20 years experience in bringing the outdoors, adventure and movement to teenagers, families and adults. Their award winning team will ensure that the courses Lenguaventura summer camps offers will be as memorable as they are exciting.

Earth Strength’s team consists of experts in movement, bushcraft, fitness, survival, martial arts and nature. The activities that Lenguaventura has chosen for summer 2015 are suitable for all levels and all abilities. It is not the most important thing being the best, but taking part, learning, enjoying and participating. All activities Earth Strength offers have their roots in cooperation and team work, so whilst they are undoubtedly fun, they also promote development and maturity at the same time.

This will be the third summer that Earth Strength has worked with the team at Lenguaventura and based on that experience the best programme has been designed yet. This year  some old favourites are offered as well as some new adventures. Some of the things that we’ll be doing include; learning how to survive in nature – based on the skills of aboriginal people around the world. Entering the fascinating world of Parkour, where our setting is wild nature rather than the urban environment – here we will be scaling trees, leaping rocks, jumping over streams and learning how to roll. The multi-adventure options will include, slacklining, raft building, wild tracking and even a day going back to our stone age roots!

Some of these activities and adventures will be based on a 30 hectare organic estate, set in the sub-tropical National Park of Los Alcornocales. These wild grounds have magnificent views over to Africa and are the perfect place to welcome our campers and to set up base camp.

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