In a summer camp

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In a summer camp

In a summer camp children get the chance to become who they want to be

Different environments, food, the daily flow, new people around who they share their rooms with. This is a small glimpse of what children get out of  a summer camp. Some adapt immediately, others need a couple of days. Already in this first stage teen camp dynamics begin. The camp leaders have the ability to instantly integrate and know how to identify less daring participants quickly so that these more shy students may be given the opportunity to adapt, following in the footsteps of the leaders without having to risk revealing too much of their personality. As the days go on each student becomes more confident, more aware of their possibilities and find their place in the camp, opening up and starting to be more comfortable being themselves.

This is the moment when a camp experience really starts for a camper. Different personalities living under one roof together, having fun together, respecting each other, regardless of whether one is more extroverted than the other, or more intellectual or sporty and so on. Interacting with others and learning from each other is certainly the main ingredient for a successful summer camp experience.

What makes it possible for so many different young people to enjoy their holidays together?

Even though each camper is unique, comes from different backgrounds and has different attitudes, they are able to create bonds with each other through sports, our active lifestyle approach and nature appreciation, which quite often during the school year cannot be appreciated.

Whatever personality a young student has, they can learn from each other, discover their independence together, surpass their own limits and sometimes explore interests they never knew they had, and this is a guarantee for having fun and living happily together in the Camp community.

All this happens under the guidance and support of positive role models. Camp leaders are seen by kids as cool, older friends. And these camp leaders want to help teenagers grow, learn, and generally experience something that will last in their memories for a lifetime; confirmed by parents’ feedback:

“My son was in your summer camp in 2006 and still enjoys Spanish and keeps in touch with other students he met there. He has just graduated from university with First Class Honours after 4 years, one of which he spent in America so he continues to love going abroad and meeting new people, something which I believe started with his trip to Tarifa! I hope your summer school continues for many many years to come.”


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