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Prepare for kitesurfing and windsurfing

Ensure you’re all set for a day on the water with our 5 top tips to prepare for kitesurfing and windsurfing 1.  Have a healthy breakfast A healthy breakfast is the key to a successful day on the water. You’re going to use lots of strength and energy balancing on your [...]

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Teenage kite surf camp Tarifa, Spain

The countdown to the teenage kite surf camp has already started. Kite surfers can have as much fun as they want on the beach and the water but should never forget the following rules: 1.    Respect other kiters and practise the give way rules. 2.    Respect other beach users. 3.    Be aware of the sun and use sun protection as much as needed. [...]

Kitesurf youth summer camp Andalusia

Young but already an expert kitesurfer? Young sporty expert kitesurfers who would love to participate in a kitesurf youth summer camp but never have because they are already independent kitesurfers, so they do not want or need to sign up to a kitesurf course. Now Lenguaventura can offer a great alternative for these teenagers. [...]

Best summer camp in Spain – Tarifa –

Friday, July 3rd 2015 The Multiactivity went for the rock jumping but Gádor, who takes the pictures in our summer camp this year went with the Kitesurfers to Los Lances beach to take some shots. It was a perfect kitesurf day and everybody came home happy. Please visit our facebook page Lenguaventura Camps for more [...]

Summer Kitesurfcamp experience for teenagers in Spain

Lenguaventura offers summer kitesurfcamp experience Kitesurfing Camp for teenagers in Tarifa Every summer there are more and more people coming to Tarifa who are curious about kitesurfing and seduced by the idea of learning how to slide over the water or to jump and for the more experienced to fly over the waves. The origin of kiting goes back to the [...]