A month to remember

This year, all the people who work in Lenguaventura Summer Camp have come to the same conclusion: How fast the time has gone! We spend all the year waiting for the camp, to gather all again in Tarifa, to work again together and enjoy with the activities, to see again the ones who come back for the [...]

A very fresh day!

One of Lenguaventura's favourite day is our visit to the water park in Algeciras. This is the best way to refresh and spend a funny day enjoying with the participants of the teen summer camp in the pools and slides. These pictures show that we all really had fun, monitors and teenagers.

Up side down party

Elena and Vittoria, two teenagers who participated in the teen summer camp in Tarifa, Spain tell us about the party we celebrated on Saturday: "It was very fun when boys dressed up as girls and it made us know each other better. The music and drinks were really good and so was the dancing. Overall, it was very [...]


Esto es la opinión de dos chicas que participan en el campamento de verano Lenguaventura sobre la excursión a Cádiz: "Nos encantó Cádiz. Era una ciudad preciosa y fue una visita muy divertida. La catedral es muy bonita. También visitamos las tiendas pequeñas alrededor de la plaza principal y compramos muchos caramelos" Virginia y Emily