Condizioni Generali

The English version of the General Conditions is binding
FIRST: Legal regulations applicable to the Lenguaventura Program Contract and acceptance of General Conditions

The present contract is regulated by Spanish Law. The general conditions laid out in this document are regulated by the laws7/1998 of the 13th of April, concerning general Contract Conditions; 26/1984, of the 19th of July, General for Consumer and User Rights, modified by the law 44/2006, of the 29th of December; and by the Spanish Civil Code.

The following General Conditions form part of the Enrolment Contract, which the contracting parties sign as indication of their acceptance.

SECOND: Cost, Enrolment and Payment Method

The cost of the programs are those detailed in the following webpages:

These prices include the following services:

  • Accommodation on Campus with three meals and one snack per day. On excursion days the students will be given a packed lunch if lunch is not to be provided elsewhere.
  • Spanish or English language course, Admission test, course material and progress information from the monitor and teacher.
  • Counselor – and Tutor assistance.
  • All activities and excursions as described in the program chosen
  • Laundry service, twice per week
  • WIFI
  • Transportation from Málaga or Gibraltar airport to Tarifa on the following dates: 02/07, 09/07 and 16/07 and transportation from Tarifa to Málaga or Gibraltar airport on the following dates: 16/07, 23/07 and 30/07. Tranfers on other dates have an extra cost.
  • Transportation during excursions and entrance fees
  • Indemnity insurance and Accident Insurance

In order for the enrolment to be official the enrolment form from the internet must be completed and send directly from the site. Once the enrolment form has been received the company will email to the parents and/or legal guardians the invoice. At the same time they receive the Guardianship consent form, a consent form confirming that all information in the enrolment form is correct and the Kitesurf or Windsurf consent form (if the participant has chosen either the Kitesurf or the Windsurf camp) which must be signed and sent back to the company either by scan, fax or ordinary mail. The enrolment will be official once the downpayment of 650 Euros has been received. No enrolment will be accepted if it is not accompanied by the required deposit, which is a total of 650 Euros.

Once the signed documents and the downpayment have been received the admission to the Lenguaventura program is definitive. S.C. y deportivos del Sur S.L. will then issue the pupil’s parents and/or guardians with the definitive confirmation and an information pack containing general information.

Enrolments are personal and non transferable.

The payment method for the course will be as follows:

  • A deposit, to be made when the enrolment is formalised, of 650 Euros.
  • The outstanding cost should be paid in full a minimum of four weeks prior to the start of the course, by the same means as the deposit.
  • Failure to pay by the due date will be understood as cancellation of the pupils participation in the contracted course.
  • If the enrolment is formalized less than 45 days prior to the course start date, the totality of the course cost should be paid in one payment.

THIRD: Revision of prices due to exchange rate fluctuations and variations in cost of services provided

The prices of the programmes are always fixed in Euros (not in US dollars), any additional costs due to exchange rate fluctuation which occurs during the payment process, bank charges and any other commissions incurred related to the payment are the client’s responsibility.

Prices published before the 1st of January of the year in which the course is due to take place are a guide only, due to the fact that they are calculated based on market conditions which existed during last years courses (house rental, excursion and activity costs, laundry prices, transportation costs, insurance policy costs etc.) However prices published will be definitive as from the 1st of January of the year in which the course is due to take place.

Therefore, pupils who have formalised their enrolment before the 1st of January of the year in which the course is due to take place will be notified, by the same method as the enrolment was made, of any variation in price. When the price variation is significative (more than 10% of the published price) the pupil will have the right to cancel participation in the course without penalisation, or accept the modification.

If eight days after the notification of the price modification the pupil has not communicated his intention to cancel his participation, it will be understood that the modification has been accepted.

FOURTH: Cancellation, non arrival and abandonment of the program by the pupil

If the pupil decides to cancel his participation in the course, regardless of the cause, this should be notified by the same means as the enrolment was made, at least 30 calendar days prior to the course start date. In this case Servicios Culturales y Deportivos del Sur S.L. will retain, as compensation for damages, 325 Euros.

If the cancellation is communicated between 29 and 16 calendar days prior to the course start date, Servicios Culturales y Deportivos del Sur S.L. will retain as compensation for damages 650 Euros.

If the cancellation is communicated 15 calendar days or less prior to the course start date, Servicios Culturales y Deportivos del Sur S.L. will retain the totality of the money paid, given that the company have then paid all course costs and the impossibility of newly offering the reserved place.

The non arrival of the pupil on the agreed arrival date to the destination (normally the airport) will be understood as cancellation of the contracted course, with the consequences outlined in the previous paragraph.

In the case of the pupil abandoning the course of his own free will (or in the case of minors, that of his parents or guardians) once ocurred it will equally be understood as cancellation of the course, with the consequences outlined in the previous two paragraphs.

The expulsion from the program of any pupil, for the reasons outlined in the Conduct rules, sent with the enrolment contract, for the breach of the Lenguaventura program rules, or due to personal circumstances (for example, physical or mental health problems) which interrupt co-existance or the proper development of the program and which were not indicated by the pupils, parents and/or guardians at the time of enrolment, will not give the right to devolution of money paid, and furthermore the cost of transportation to the airport, flight ticket and all other costs which may be generated during repatriation are the responsibility of the parents or guardians.

If Servicios Culturales y Deportivos del Sur S.L. had to cancel the course or program, the pupils would have the right to compensation, following the same criteria and timetable which was outlined in the previous paragraphs for cancellation by pupils.

Servicios Culturales y Deportivos del Sur S.L. reserve the right to refuse entry, with justified cause, to any person who they do not deem appropriate to form part of the Lenguaventura program.

Need to cancel your trip due to COVID-19?

Cancel up to 14 days prior to the arrival date and you can reschedule your booking free of charge, or receive store credit for your non-refundable deposit to use at another time.

For any other cancellation reasons please refer to our regular Terms and Conditions above. 

FIFTH: Changes to the program

Servicios Culturales y Deportivos del Sur S.L. promises to facilitate the pupil access to all contracted services, all program contents, and with the stated conditions and characteristics. However, the following exceptions should be taken into account:

  • If, before the program starts, Servicios Culturales y Deportivos del Sur S.L has the necessity to significantly alter any essential elements of the contract they are obliged to inform the contracting party. The contracting party will have the right to cancel the contract without incurring any charges, or otherwise accept the modification.
  • The pupil should communicate his decision by the same means as the enrolment was made within three calendar days of the notification of the program modification. If no notification is received within three days, it will be assumed that the modification has been accepted.

SIXTH: Obligatory rules, Customs and Traditions

The pupil should adapt to the style of life and customs of Spain. The behaviour rules, customs and traditions, meals, timetables, distances and generally the Spanish life style tends to be very different to that of the country of origin.

The pupil agrees to respect the laws of the country of destination, the centres code of conduct and that of other organisations which collaborate with Lenguaventura in the program. In particular, the pupil agrees to respect the rules concerning timetables, class assistance, conduct and co-existance, prohibition of consumption/acquirement/possession of tobacco, drugs, alcohol etc. In the general program documents there is a detailed copy of the disciplinary rules and Code of Conduct. Should any pupil fail to comply with them Lenguaventura would have the right to take the measures which they consider appropriate, (as laid out in the Code of Conduct) such as inform parents or guardians of the pupils inappropriate behavior, prohibit the pupils participation in certain activities or excursions or even expel him/her from the program. The corresponding costs for the anticipated return home are then his (the pupils) responsibility. WITHOUT THE RIGHT OF RETURN OF ANY MONEY PAID FOR THE PROGRAMME.

SEVENTH: Insurance and Medical Tratment

The pupils will be covered by an accident and civil responsibility insurance policy as per the conditions of the policy taken out by Servicios Culturales y Deportivos del Sur S.L contracted in a first instance by Allianz. See our summer camp coverage. If requested a copy of the policy will be sent to parents/guardians along with the program documentation. Servicios Culturales y Deportivos del Sur S.L reserves the right to contract insurance with another company, the policy terms however will always be similar. Servicios Culturales y Deportivos del Sur S.L, acts merely as an intermediary between the Insurance Company and the pupil.

No cancellation insurance is contracted through S.C. y deportivos del Sur S.L. If parents consider it necessary they can contract such an insurance directly.

Spanish pupils should bring their national health insurance card. Pupils from EU countries also from Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and Iceland should bring their european health insurance card which gives access to medically necessary, state-provided healthcare during a temporary stay in Spain. This health insurance card can be obtained through the national health insurance provider in the aforementioned countries. In Germany the EHIC is already on the back of the national health insurance card so that it must not be applied for separately.

For pupils from EU countries whose parents/guardians have contracted a private insurance which covers healthcare abroad should bring their private insurance card.

Important to know that the european health insurance card is not an alternative to a travel insurance. No private healthcare abroad or return flight to the home country is covered.

For pupils from countries outside the EU or Europe, S.C. y deportivos del sur S.L. recommends parents/guardians to check with their insurance company – should they have a private insurance – whether it includes insurance cover for their children in Spain. In affirmative case pupils should bring the insurance card with them to the summer camp.

Should pupils from non EU countries or other than European countries not have a private insurance, S.C. y deportivos del Sur S.L. needs to receive a receipt that parents/guardians have taken out a travel insurance for the duration of the pupil’s stay in Spain. It is possible to contract such an insurance for the summer camp on-line directly on the website of IATI. The link to IATI is offered only for the convenience of parents/guardians and Servicios Culturales y deportivos del Sur S.L. takes no responsibility for it, they merely act as an intermediary.

If parents/guardians decide not to take out the aforementioned insurance policy they must present Servicios Culturales y Deportivos del Sur S.L with a copy of any other travel insurance policy that has been taken out.

In the case of a pupil considered a minor needing medical treatment, being hospitalised, or operated on, without it being possible to previously inform his parents or guardians Servicios Culturales y Deportivos del Sur S.L has the authority to take the decisions which it deems necessary in relation to the pupil’s health, always in accordance with the indications and recommendations given by the attending medical personnel.

EIGHTH: Technical Organisation of the program

The technical organization, responsibility and cost for the journey, from the point of origin to the airport where Servicios Culturales y Deportivos del Sur S.L is to collect the pupils and also the return journey from the return airport to the students home correspond exclusively to the parents and/or guardians.

Other journeys which form part of the program are contracted through various Travel Agents whose addresses and telephone numbers are available to our clients.

NINTH: Protection of personal Information

In accordance with the established in the Personal Data Protection Act 15/1999 (December), which refers to the protection of personal details, the pupil is informed that his personal details contained in the contract will form part of a database, which is the responsibility of Servicios Culturales y Deportivos del Sur S.L., and which will be used for commercial and operative purposes of Lenguaventura. The acceptation of these general conditions implies consent for the details to be used for these purposes. The pupil has the right to access, rectify, and cancel these details, as established by current Spanish law, via the offices of Servicios Culturales y Deportivos del Sur S.L., situated in Avenida Fuerzas Armadas 1, 11380 Tarifa, Cádiz – Spain

TENTH: The use of images and videos of pupils

Servicios Culturales y Deportivos del Sur S.L reserves the right to use in publicity material, including social medias, leaflets, websites and posters, the photographs, videos and other material which the pupils facilitate to them, or which have been taken during the activities which form part of the program. However the material may not be used in any way which would harm the pupil’s honour, image or personal privacy.

ELEVENTH: Organisation of Adventure Activities

In the present programme, Servicios Culturales y Deportivos del Sur S.L works with various companies specialized in adventure activities. They are the ones who are responsible for both the organization and development of the adventure sports specified in the program. Servicios Culturales y Deportivos del Sur S.L. acts merely as an intermediary. A list of these companies is available to parents/guardians on request.

TWELFTH: Personal Costs

Personal costs such as pocket money, souvenir buying, snacks, food outwith the four daily meals etc, which the pupil may wish, are not included in the program price, unless otherwise stated.

THIRTEENTH: Resolution of conflict

Any lawsuits which may arise form the application or fulfillment of this contract will be tried in Spanish courts, according to Spanish law. The interested parties will be bound by the decisions of the courts which correspond to the address of Servicios Culturales y Deportivos del Sur S.L. It is hereby declared the express renunciation of the participants, parents or guardians of the pupils and of Servicios Culturales y deportivos del Sur S.L. to pursue any other avenue or mechanism for the resolution of conflicts (government bodies, arbitration etc).