Windsurf Camp

International summer Windsurfcamp, Spain

Lenguaventura, Tuesday, July 7th, 2015 Some pictures from the Windsurf group and from the activity Adventure Island where the group from the Multiactivity program had to build a shelter in the nature with very few material on hands. Well done chicos. More impressions about this day please find under the following link:

Summer camp in Tarifa 2015

Tuesday, June 30th 2015 Here are some shots of today's Windsurfers and the Multi-activity gang from the summer camp in Tarifa....and more still to come! ‪#‎tarifa‬ ‪#‎windsurf‬ Click here to see more pictures!

Campo estivo di windsurf a Tarifa

In the last post we talked about kitesurfing which is one of the options we offer in our summer camp for teenagers between 14 and 17. Today we talk about windsurfing which is the other water sport teenagers can learn or improve during their summer holidays in Tarifa. Windsurfing is a much older sport than kitesurfing. Its beginning dates back to the early [...]