Snowkiting: The best reasons to go snowkiting

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Snowkiting: The best reasons to go snowkiting

We often find some of our dedicated teenage summer campers really miss kitesurfing during the winter months. When the weather is cold outside and kitesurfing is out of the question… try snowkiting! It is an awesome sport which we think makes those harsh winters a little more bearable. Discover the best reasons to go snowkiting below.

Firstly, what is snowkiting?

It is a cross between skiing an kiteboarding. Snowkiters use the kite from kiteboarding to catch the wind and pull them along the snow while on skis or a snowboard. Just like the rush you get from kitesurfing, snowkiting will get your adrenaline pumping during the colder months.

You can practise this sport almost anywhere!

All you need to snowkite is a spot of snow and some wind. This means the possibilities are endless – just be careful that you’re not breaking any residential rules. There are plenty of destinations in Iceland, Switzerland and Norway, so why not make one of these your European winter destination?

The landscape where you go for the snowkite sport is breathtaking

Here at Lenguaventura our favourite landscape is surely the sandy beaches and turquoise ocean. But snow-capped mountains come in at a very close second! Practising this awesome sport means you can keep your fitness up during the winter in stunning surroundings – what could be better?

The perfect weather for snowkiting

The great thing is, winter weather is perfect as it’s almost always windy! The best weather for snowkiting is light winds on a clear day. So as soon as you see the forecast, get out there!

Snowkiting skills are transferable

Snowkite tricks are so similar to those performed in kitesurfing that you can practice your skills all year. Most tricks performed on water will easily land on snow and vice versa.

So what are you waiting for? Brighten the gloomy winter days start to snowkite. Check out our blog post about the best places to go snowkiting here. 

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