Teen summer camp international – what to expect

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Teen summer camp international – what to expect

A teen Summer camp is one of the best experiences you’ll ever have! There are so many advantages to living in a camp community and experiencing new things away from home. We know from speaking to some of our previous happy campers that they felt nervous about what to expect from their first time in camp before they arrived; so we’ve written this blog post to answer some of these worries, so that you can feel nothing but excited for camp life!

Meet new people, make new friends

We have lots of teenagers arriving at the teen summer camp alone and we know that this can be daunting – There’s no time to feel lonely or left out at camp as we play loads of fantastic team bonding ‘mixer games’ to help everyone get to know each other so you’ll be best friends in no time!

In fact, most of our campers are surprised at how quickly they make friends, as when you’re in a new place and an unfamiliar environment everyone is naturally more sociable. The great thing is… you already have something in common, as all of the teenagers we have at our summer camps love either adventure, kitesurfing or windsurfing!

You’ll gain new friends and gain in confidence at our teen summer camps. It’s also great practice for things later in life such as going to university, as almost everyone arrives to university alone, without knowing anyone and have to make friends quickly. You know what – most people say university was one of the best experiences they’ve ever had and we know for sure you’ll say the same thing about our summer camps! At camp, you build great life skills that you can utilise forever – Whether you’re arriving at summer camp alone or with a friend, there’s no need to worry!

Learn new skills, try new things and take on new challenges!

Have you ever kitesurfed or windsurfed in the Atlantic ocean; swam in a waterfall or won an award for being an Eco-citizen? No? Well, these are just a few reasons why our teen summer camp is a fantastic experience. These will be great stories to tell your friends when you’re back at school – but not only that – your experiences at camp will help you gain valuable life skills.

Our diverse range of sports, adventures and activities all take part in groups meaning you’ll develop fantastic teamwork skills and take on leadership roles, where necessary.

We’re also a very self sufficient camp, so you’ll learn new skills such as creating fire without a lighter and building your own survival shelter on our Adventure Camp – essential in helping you to become more independent!

All of our teenagers will develop greater communication and language skills through our fun and relaxed Spanish and English classes. Plus, our artistic activities such as making art from recycled materials will develop your creativity skills and ability to think outside the box – Time to unleash your inner artist!

When camp ends you’ll miss the awesome water sports, amazing adventures, music and songs and most importantly your new friends. At Lenguaventura you’ll make fantastic friendships and lasting memories so you’ll be back next year for sure!

Don’t miss out on the time of you life and explore our summer camps here!

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