Teen summer camps in Spain – Impossible is nothing

How to overcome the impossible and your fear of failure When something is scary it can feel practically impossible and can often cause you not to try for fear of failure. We are sure you’ve all experienced the familiar feeling of fear when trying something new, such as speaking in front of the class, trying [...]

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Teenage summer camps in Tarifa, Spain

Lenguaventura teenage summer camps in Tarifa is celebrating its 15th birthday this year! 2018 is our year here at Lenguaventura's summer camps in Tarifa, Spain! We’ve been running teenage summer camps in Tarifa for a long time and it’s the year we’re celebrating our 15th anniversary. We’d love to share this jubilee year with our teenage campers [...]

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Visit Spain during summer holidays

Spanish Culture – What to expect in Spain When visiting another country it’s normal to be curious about what to expect. What will the people be like? How do the people live? These are common thoughts when delving into the unknown, but that’s all part of the fun! Here in Tarifa in Spain, there is [...]

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Summer Camp life style Tarifa, Spain

Summer Camp life style - Life Is Better In Flip Flops This is one of our favourite quotes here at Lenguaventura and something we strive to live by. There’s no greater time of year than summer in Tarifa with the sun on your back (protected by SPF of course), the wind in your hair and [...]

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Summer camp observations – Summer camps Spain

Image Credit: Collin Armstrong @brazofuerte We came across a quote recently that inspired us to write this week’s blog post about some summer camp observations we have made working with teenagers. It reads:    Quote by: Everyone can struggle with ‘being cool’ throughout their teenage years and sometimes it’s hard to even know what [...]

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Unforgettable summer camp memories Tarifa, Spain

As summer draws to a close here in Spain, we’ve reminisced over a fantastic season of kitesurfing, windsurfing and adventure summer camps at Lenguaventura in Tarifa. We came across this motto to live by which inspired us to think about the life changing experiences had and amazing and unforgettable summer camp memories made by our [...]

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