Summer Camp life style Tarifa, Spain

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Summer Camp life style Tarifa, Spain

Summer Camp life style – Life Is Better In Flip Flops

This is one of our favourite quotes here at Lenguaventura and something we strive to live by. There’s no greater time of year than summer in Tarifa with the sun on your back (protected by SPF of course), the wind in your hair and sand between your toes, when our campers come together for several weeks of watersports and adventure.

Tarifa is the southern-most tip of mainland Spain and has some of the greatest weather in the world for kitesurfing and windsurfing – the two main activities that draw tourists and campers to our beautiful beaches each year. Our summer camps celebrate the great outdoors with tons of adventures and activities so there’s no time to be sitting around playing on your phone – we do all of this in a trusty pair of flip flops. Flip flops represent our love for nature, being at one with the elements and making the most of our beautiful planet. As it’s nearly Christmas we thought we’d inject a bit of summer sun into the cold winter months and round up our favourite flip flops which will make perfect Christmas gifts and get you ready for your summer camp life style.

Brazilian brand, Havaianas, are probably the most well known brand when it comes to flip flops and it’s easy to know why – each pair is comfortable, light-weight, heat and water resistant and anti-slip so you can be assured you’re buying a fabulous pair of flip flops. Browse the selection online to inspire your summer style.

We love anything that helps protect our planet and Chaco’s Flip Ecotread flip flops are a great product doing just that. Made of 25% recycled rubber they’re great for our adventure camps as they’re hard on the trail but easy on the environment. They get our vote for an awesome ethical flip flop. Explore the collection here.

And this leads us onto our favourite flip flops brand of them all: Gandy’s. A London based brand set up by two brothers who tragically lost their parents in the 2004 Tsunami, Gandy’s ethos is ‘orphans for orphans’. The Orphans For Orphans foundation aims to improve the lives of children living without parents by making sure they have access to school and are not living on the streets. This includes academic support, woodwork lessons, sports activities and lessons in maths and English. Each and every purchase of a Gandy’s product helps improve the lives of orphaned children around the world. If that’s not a reason to love flip flops then we don’t know what is!

Show your support by visiting the website and while you’re at it pick up a pair of super stylish flip flops.

Flip flops are our favourite shoe, so live life to the full in them!

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