How to make new friends through sports!

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How to make new friends through sports!

Here at Lenguaventura we truly believe that sport is one of the best methods to making friends. The common shared interest is the perfect ice breaker when meeting new people and some of the closest friendships form with teammates. Being on a team gives you an instant sense of belonging as you all have to work together to achieve the best result. Here’s our top three tips to follow to make new friends through sports.

How to be a great teammate:

Being on a team involves teamwork – we don’t mean to state the obvious but there are some key factors to ensuring a team functions properly. We recommend that you take your role within a team seriously and ensure that you’re performing to the best of your ability. If you know your role then that means your teammates will be able to trust and rely on you to do your bit.

Be reliable:

Make sure that you’re always present at training sessions when on a team so that you don’t let anyone down and can keep up with everything that’s going on. That means being on time and and as healthy as you can to make sure you perform your best!

Get to know your teammates outside practice:

Being part of a team creates instant bonds between people and can be the making of some of the most wonderful friendships. Make the effort to socialise with your teammates outside of practice, such as going to the cinema at the weekend or staying for a while after a game to have a drink and chat about how it went. This will help closer friendships to form between team members – you’ll find that you probably have lots in common as you already share a same interest and you might also learn some handy sporting tips when chatting!

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