Camps for teenagers in Spain, Tarifa, Andalusia

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Camps for teenagers in Spain, Tarifa, Andalusia

Camps for teenagers in Spain, Tarifa, (14 – 17 years)  with bilingual background

Over the past few years we have received more and more requests from parents concerning the possibilities of joining the Lenguaventura camps for teenagers in Spain but not participating in the language classes.

The most frequent argument in asking this question is that the teenagers already speak Spanish and English fluently, some are bilingual, others live in Spanish speaking countries and go to International schools or American schools so that they practice both languages constantly.

Consequently our idea in the Lenguaventura summer camp now is to start with activities which are focused on water sports in the mornings for bilingual teenagers. They would take breakfast with their peers who are attending the Spanish or English classes and at 10 am they would start with water sport activities close to the camp at the beach Los Lances and either practice surf or paddlesurf and on very good kitesurf days kitesurfing. It has to be said, that for the wind conditions in Tarifa kitesurf classes in the mornings can not be guaranteed as it depends on the wind which is blowing and a reliable weather forecast can only be made at most three days in advance.

Certainly some readers will ask what the benefit will be for the teenagers who will not attend the Spanish or English classes.

We see them as ambassadors of bilingualism. They can encourage all their peers to practice constantly the target language to reach a higher level. They can motivate and inspire.

What is the condition to participate in this option?

To be completely fluent in Spanish and English and be interested in water sports.

Why we decided on water sports?

For activities in the mornings water sports are just the perfect choice as alternatively either surfing, SUP or kitesurfing can be practiced according to the wind conditions. So the instructors are free to choose which options fit best every day and students can benefit from trying out several water sports at the same time.

All bilingual students who participate in the water sport program in the morning can then choose their program in the afternoon as all other participants too:

 Interested? Please contact us directly for prices and availability.

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