Camps for school groups in Tarifa, Madrid or Malta

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Camps for school groups in Tarifa, Madrid or Malta

Give your school an educative input in Tarifa, Madrid or Malta with one of our camps for school groups

Actually very few people know that Lenguaventura also offers camps for school groups throughout the school year. Of course these camps are shorter and last only four or five days but are organized to the same quality standards as our summer camp.

Natives accompany the group and many activities are enjoyed, all focused on English language.  We don’t have traditional classes as we believe that it is important for young people to improve their communication skills. The main attraction is the visit to Gibraltar, experiencing an English environment in the south of Spain and of course, to see the famous monkeys.

Accommodation for groups of 50+ students is the Tarifa Youth Hostel which is ten kilometers from Tarifa town center. This place is settled in a laid back zone surrounded by big cork trees and with beautiful views of the Gibraltar Straight. Accommodation includes shared bedrooms (4 people per room) with ensuite bathrooms. A sports court and a lot of open space around the youth hostel gives the young students a lot of space to enjoy their stay whilst in the company of their classmates. For smaller groups we can organize accommodation in one of the many hostels that have recently opened up in Tarifa.

Although Tarifa is our home and Lenguaventura loves to work in Andalusia, we also offer Camps for school groups in Madrid and another in Malta, both focused on English communication skills, having fun and doing different activities young students do not usually get to do at home.  To get to Malta low-cost flights are offered from Seville in the Spring-time and Autumn.

For school groups coming from abroad, Lenguaventura offers Spanish programs in Tarifa.

Choosing a Lenguaventura program means teachers and coordinators can relax and leave everything in our hands. We organize everything.


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