Youth teen camp Spain in Tarifa, Andalusia

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Youth teen camp Spain in Tarifa, Andalusia

The Mailbox is one of the activities that the teenagers in the youth Camp teen camp Spain in Tarifa enjoy most. Every night, before going to the bed, we read all the letters they have written during the day. In this occasion, Sonny wanted to thank us for his happy stay in Lenguaventura:

Dear Camp,
I want to say “gracias” to all of you!
I want to say “gracias” for all the fun I have had with you!
I want to say “gracias” for many magic moments I have lived with everyone!
I want to say “gracias” because this camp was one of the greatest, funniest and wonderful experience I have ever had!
Everyone of you is a wonderful person.
Everyone of you have a character with charisma!
All the doors, all over the world, are open for people like you, for people who live and enjoy their life!
I have never met so many cool, pretty, intelligent and nice people such as all of you!
Sonny Kaspar (Alemania)



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