Summer camp program for young adventurers

Summercamp program for young adventurers with a Eco Citizenship award Lenguaventura has decided to make some exciting changes to our successful Multi-activity option. Building on our many years of experience in working with teenagers we will be offering the opportunity for them to participate in our unique summercamp program for young adventurers in Tarifa, [...]

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Summer camp blog Lenguaventura, Tarifa, Spain

Life-lessons-we-can-all-learn-from-teenagers Now as the countdown for the beginning of the Summer Camp has started there are many thoughts coming up. For one month we will live in a powerful community with teenagers and learn from each other. Before starting the Camp we write this summer camp blog article: Being a teenager is a tough [...]

Summer teen camps in Spain, Andalusia

Why somebody decides to become a group leader in summer teen camps? The cliché certainly is true – teamwork, fellowship, helping others… all of this is certain of course but young people choose to join summer teen camps during their holidays to work as group leaders in a summer camp for other reasons, too. [...]

Activities for summer camps

Friday, July 24th, 2015 Our last weekend. We went for Camping and having a multi-activity which showed the teenagers how rich nature is and what all can be done with ressources you find in nature. Barbecue in the evening and spending the night in tents. More pictures we show you in our facebook page [...]